Microsoft All-In-One Media Keyboard

I used to love my Logitech diNovo Mini HTPC keyboard… but I am on my 3rd unit and they all have battery and connection issues.  C.R.A.P.  Well, Microsoft is getting in on the living room keyboard game.  Their latest All-in-One Media keyboard isn’t small… but it is ready to tackle your TV/PC experience.  Read on for details…

ADS-445 Review

I’m always happy when I get a chance to try out new security cameras.  I use IP cameras for my business and  I currently have a couple of Samsung wireless IP (SNH-1011N) cameras and love the idea of wifi cameras, especially when they have good mobile apps.  Read on for my review of the Swann ADS-445 Wireless IP Camera.


If the standard Bugatti Veyron is too common for you (just jokes folks) then you might want to take a look at the Grand Sport Vitesse Black Bess Edition ($3 Million).  This super rare 5th edition Bugatti Veyron, in a series of six, is meant to pay homage to the old Type 18 which at that time was the fastest road-legal car.  The Type 18 was a four-cylinder engine producing 100hp and a top speed of 100mph.

The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Black Bess Edition is a bit more powerful than the Type 18 and has some serious bling.  Look closely and you will see plenty of 24-carat gold details and paint accents sprinkled over the Black Bess.  The black paint covers up an carbon fiber body.  Must be nice.

Posted on Apr 9 2014 - 10:59am by Gadget King

Valbray Oculus Minotaurus

Just because your wallet has grown up doesn’t mean that you have to act grown up. This cool watch by Valbray, the Oculus Minotaurus, has a transformer like bezel. It starts off looking like a camera shutter but opens up to show off a tiny ball maze game.

The Valbray Oculus Minotaurus ($13,800) has a gold bezel, automatic movement, and a 42 hour power reserve.

Posted on Apr 7 2014 - 5:08am by Pete M


This paracord belt will not only keep your pants from going “homey mode”… it could also come in handy in a survival situation.  While the survival bracelets are cool… you may need more paracord depending on your situation.  Pretty cool piece of gear for a small price.

Posted on Apr 7 2014 - 4:01am by Pete M


There are covert knives then there are really covert knives.  This is the latter.  With that said, don’t Google “50-cent knife”.  You end up with pictures of the rapper 50-cent.  This modified real U.S. 50-cent piece has a Japanese steel blade hidden inside.  Confusing right… a US coin with a Japanese knife.  Don’t overthink it.  You can get your 5ive Star Gear Covert 50-Cent Knife here.

Elio Motors Car

Well, technically it isn’t a car… by law, it is a motorcycle.  This is both good, and bad.  The good, at least in California, you get to use the carpool lane without any of those lame DMV stickers.  The bad is that some states will require the driver to get a motorcycle license.  Before we get to excited about this three wheel vehicle, let’s pour out some kool-aid for the late Aptera.

This, unnamed, car by Elio Motors is a dream of Paul Elio.  Hopefully his dream plays out as he sees it.  If it does, this 3-wheeled “car” will get 84MPG on the highway, 49MPG in the city, will cost just $6,800, and will launch mid 2015.  Read on for details, videos, and pictures of this Elio Motors Car.

X-Mini WE Speaker Review

The, truly, portable Bluetooth speakers, while portable, tend to be a bit lacking on sound quality.  And while the X-Mini WE Portable Speaker ($39.99) is advertised to be the “fix” to this problem.  The tag line for the X-Mini WE Speaker is “Sound Beyond Size”.  I am not sure it is.

First off, the X-Mini WE Micro Speaker looks very cool.  The unit comes with a rubber speaker cap, a lanyard clip, and a very cool gunmetal grey design with a textured rubber grip.  It almost looks like an optical site for a gun.  Read on for more details of the X-Mini WE review.

Posted on Apr 4 2014 - 10:38am by Craig

While I have physically outgrown my big wheels trike I still miss drifting around the cul-de-sac on that plastic beast.  Well I now get another shot at drifting a trike, this time an adult drift trike.  The Local Motors Verrado Drift Trike ($449.99) has a 20” front wheel, a BMX fork, and rear drift wheels lined with 10” PVC pipe.

  • Chassis Made in the USA and powder coated for durability
  • Removable rear axle for ease in transportation
  • 1 1/8″ internal headset
  • Custom made front pegs with textured powder coat for traction
  • Azusa Nylon rear wheels
  • 10″ diameter PVC rear wheel sleeves 
  • ACS Z mag or Stolen Revolver front wheel
  • Tioga Powerblock front tire
  • Tektro front brake
  • 42″ Wheel Base
  • 33″ Track Width
  • 1.75″ 0.120″ wall DOM steel tubing


This clever idea, unfortunately still at the Kickstarter phase, is pretty cool.  It is basically a credit card shaped backup battery for charging your USB or Apple lightning port gadgets.  It should fit in wallets and purses with ease and will provide approximately 5 hours of additional talk time.  Priced at $45 here.