This is a cool video of what appears to be a guy driving his car in reverse at high speed while towing a trailer. It shows the car passing cars on the highway, navigating tricky streets, and doing tight u-turns. All while towing a trailer.

In actuality the trailer is the tow vehicle. This is a prop for a Volkswagen commercial about their “trailer assist” feature. I am not surprised VW pulled off this level of trickery considering their diesel emissions trick they pulled off last year. Watch the video after the break showing how they pulled this trailer stunt off.

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The Marley Natural line of classy smoking accessories are works of art. Whether you fill them up with oregano, tobacco, or parsley is your own choice. Cough…cough. Too classy for Cheech and Chong but perfect for the guy/gal who has it all. Heck, they even have a line of hemp infused body care products.

Karaoke Singing Machine SMC

The Singing Machine SMC Home Karaoke System has to be the prettiest karaoke system around. It looks like something from Bang & Olufsen. Even if you never sing a single song it is a very good looking piece to have sitting near your entertainment center. During the day, or night I suppose, you can use it as a Bluetooth speaker. Come night time get the party started with thousands of HD karaoke music videos streamed to your TV.


The Slow Mo Guys are at it again. This time Gavin Free decides to put his tongue on a mouse trap and video it in ultra slow motion. Why? For money of course. The more people that watch this video, the more money they make. Video of the tongue v.s mouse trap after the break.

LUCI Outdoor Solar Waterproof LED

I am a bit of freak when it comes to LED’s and solar panels. Put the two together and you got me. The LUCI Outdoor ($15) hits on all cylinders as it has LED’s a solar panel and more. Turns out the team at MPOWERD donates some of these lights to countries without electricity. Kinda cool.

Now back to the product. The LUCI Outdoor Inflatable LED Solar Lantern isn’t particularly amazing from a spec perspective. However, it is clean, simple, and smart. The lantern is inflatable to provide a waterproof (IP67) casing and the battery lasts for 12 hours on “bright” setting.

LUCI Outdoor Solar LED Lantern

There is a solar panel that can charge the battery in 7-hours with direct sunlight and a charge indicator to show remaining battery life. There are 3 light settings, 1) bright, 2) super bright, and 3) flashing.  Video of the lamp in action after the break.

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That is it. I am selling the Prius. The Russian’s have figured out what my next car is going to look like. It is going to look like the SHERP ATV. Mainly because it is going to be a SHERP ATV.

SHERP Climbing

The Russian SHERP looks like a lot of fun. Forget about the fact that your tires are the only real suspension because the front and back tires are shocks. Speaking of the front and back tires, they are about almost touching the wheelbase is so short. This means you can go over obstacles as tall as 27.5-inches, float in water, and do spins like an army tank. That is the good news. The bad news is that the SHERP ATV only has a 44.3 horsepower 1.5-liter Kubota (V1505) four-cylinder diesel engine. Top speed is capped at 28mph. Strange considering there is a five-speed manual transmission. First gear will take you from 0-9mph. More pictures and video after the break.


Some people like hot coffee and some like theirs ice-cold. Such is life. If you are in the cold coffee camp and don’t like diluting your coffee with melting ice cubes check out the Hyperchiller ($29). The Hyperchiller can turn hot coffee in to perfect iced coffee in about one minute. The coffee is flash chilled without touching ice so it doesn’t get diluted while cooling.

1) Brew fresh hot coffee directly into the HyperChiller with your compatible single serve machine, or pour it into recessed section of the lid from a carafe.
2) After the coffee is in the HyperChiller, gently swirl it every few seconds to keep the coffee moving. An 8 oz. brew will achieve great results in one minute after brewing stops. In that one minute, the coffee will have cooled by up to 130+ degrees.
3) Pour over ice and enjoy! For larger brews, or if you want to enjoy yours without ice, let the coffee chill for an additional 30 or 60 seconds respectively.

It also serves double duty for cooling whiskey, wine, tea, etc…

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Remember when Jeeps weren’t family cars with plush interiors and 10 cup-holders? You know, the old 1980’s CJ-8 for example. The folks at Legacy Classic Trucks are pimping out an old Jeep Scrambler. The Legacy Jeep Scrambler ($110K) starts off the restoration with an aluminum 6.2L V8 engine that cranks out 430-horsepower. And then they add the following;

  • 10,000-pound Warn Zeon Winch
  • Rugged spray-in floor lliner
  • An Aluminum body and doors
  • 14-inch King shocks
  • A Nardi steering wheel
  • Leather Recaro seats
  • Waterproof gauges and switches

EasyJet Hybrid Airplanes

One way the budget airlines are able to offer such low airfare is by cutting costs. T’his means luggage fees, tighter seating, and now hybrid airplanes. How much can a hybrid fleet save a small airline like EasyJet? 35-million per year!

This isn’t your typical hybrid though. Don’t expect an Prius styled airplane running on batteries or anything like that. The way the jumbo-jet hybrid system works is that the main engines are not used when the airplane is taxiing. Apparently taxiing around the runway is approximately 4 percent of the airlines annual fuel consumption. Who knew?

The airplane hybrid system will use hydrogen fuel cells to power the planes as they taxi. Additionally the waste product of the hydrogen fuel cell, water, will be used for drinking water or toilet flushing.

Alcohol Lotion Bottle Flask

If you have ever wanted to bring your hooch into a concert or sporting event to save a few bucks I wouldn’t fault you. At the last football game I went to the crappy beer was costing $10 for a 12-ounce pour. Not acceptable. Might be worth smuggling in some stronger stuff so you only need to buy a single beer instead of 2, 3, 4, or 5?!

This GoPong Hidden Lotion Flask 3-Pack ($9.99) is sure to pass muster with the rent-a-cops.

Hidden Alcohol Flask looks like lotion