The Pavlok Shock Clock looks like a fitness tracking watch. It isn’t. It is much more sinister. This wearable gadget lives on your wrist and is paired with your smartphone. It can be used as an alarm clock to wake you up or an IFTTT script to deliver the pain. Pain...

As we carry more and more gadgets around that are battery powered, it seems inevitable that we will find ourselves in desperate need of an outlet on occasion. A great example of this is all of the people tethered to wall outlets at the airport. One great solution to this addiction to power is the ChargeTech Portable Battery Pack With AC Outlet...

If you are going to be snapping a bunch of Snapchat videos, maybe you don’t want to use your phone over and over. Put on a pair of Snapchat Spectacles (ignore the snickering) and tap the button and the glasses automatically film a ten-second video. That ten-second video is then wirelessly sent to your phone and uploaded to the cloud. There...

Posted on Sep 26 2016 - 9:38am by gchoe

I personally do not like wearing “outdoor” shoes inside of the home. That pretty much means that any shoes that touch the ground outside of the house don’t go inside. Think of all the nasty stuff that we walk on day-t0-day. Who wants to track that nastiness back into the house? Not me. That also means I run around the house barefoot, in socks, or slippers. Slippers are great during the winter. This Mahabi slipper is great for inside and quick jaunts outside. The

Posted on Sep 23 2016 - 12:38pm by Craig

An individually packed chip? Really? Yep, this tiny chip comes individually packed in foil and then placed in a coffin-shaped cardboard box. It claims to be the hottest chip in the world. The Carolina Reaper Madness Chip sells individually because after eating one, you won’t want another. Get your


Some poor fellow in Norway has a hungry moose that steals apples from his tree. Moose are known for being aggressive and dangerous. So he sends in his robotic lawnmower to handle the business.

Who wins, the moose or the robotic vacuum? Click through to see the quick video of this epic showdown. (more…)


The Hummingbird Folding Bike started off as a Kickstarter and is now moving forward. The bike will weigh in at just 14.8-lbs (6.7-kg)!

Production si being aided by the motorsports team at Prodrive. The frame, seat post, and fork are made of carbon fiber. There will be two different models of the Hummingbird bike; a single-speed and a five-speed. The five-speed version will have an internal hub from Sturney-Archer or SRAM with a grip shifter. The only other option is wheel size, 16 or 20-inch.

Expect to see the Hummingbird Folding Bike for sale early next year with a price around $2.700. (more…)

Motorcycle gear continues to improve. One piece of gear which, in my opinion, hasn’t improved much is the motorcycle helmet. Sure, they have improved the aerodynamics and aesthetics but they are still quite loud on the inside. Wind and engine noise are still quite loud whether I wear my Arai or Shoei. Both brands aren’t cheap and I have to wear earplugs to make my rides bearable. Well the folks at Sena have come out with a helmet that claims to control the noise. First, a bit about Sena. They make some great Bluetooth systems...

GoPro has had a tough year, or two, as more and more competitors have been coming out with solid action cameras. Things look to have just turned around for GoPro. It looks like they have been quietly working hard on their latest GoPro 5 camera and an entirely new Drone dubbed the Karma. When I saw that GoPro was getting into the “drone” business my first reaction was “not another drone”. After lifting the covers, I am quite impressed. It looks like GoPro did...


Today GoPro pulled the wraps off of their latest camera the GoPro 5 Black. So what is different, what are the main specs? Read on for details of the new GoPro 5 ($399 October 2nd). (more…)