This desktop gadget by Nomodo not only wirelessly charges your Qi enabled devices it keeps drinks cool or warm. One cable for two gadgets, sounds good to me. The Nomodo Trio lets you switch between heating or cooling your mug/glass/can. Heck, they even throw in a coffee cup for you. Not bad for $79. ...

Posted on Feb 14 2019 - 9:12am by Ty G

Swind E Classic Electric Mini Cooper

First off – I love the classic Mini Cooper (I own one that has been converted with a Honda motor, much faster and more reliable), I also love electric cars (I own a Tesla). So, you would think that a classic Mini Cooper that has been electrified would have me excited. Well… it did… until I read the specs. Read on for this abomination.  (more…)

NeotrixQI Wireless Charging Case For Apple AirPods Cutaway

Love your Apple AirPods but wish they had wireless charging? Well, apparently you can make it so you can charge your AirPod case and AirPods all in one go. Read on for how to wirelessly charge your Apple AirPods. (more…)

Ready to improve your golf game this year? Check out the Golf Buddy VoiceX. The GolfBuddy VoiceX is an easy to use gadget that uses GPS and course data to help you with your golf game. The VoiceX uses audio (and a small lcd screen) to let...

First off, this is too far away from April 1st to be a joke. It is in fact a real product. I’m not Shitten you, Shittens are for sale on Amazon. These moist wipes are in the form of mittens and are marketed for use on babies, pets, and adults. I guess I understand 2 of the 3 uses. Their tag line is “Cause...

Smaller camp trailers usually mean less sleeping room of course. Well the folks at Dethleff’s rewrote the traditional design with their latest camp trailer, the C’Go Up. This tiny, sub-23-foot, camp trailer will sleep seven people in a series of stacked, convertible and lift-away beds. The front of the Dethleffs C’Go Up trailer is laid out for the kids with two bunk beds and a kids dining area. The kids dinette area also converts to a single bed. The rear of the trailer is set up for adults, with a master bedroom, and...

Posted on Feb 6 2019 - 10:08am by Pete M

I guess people really want self-tying shoes. Nike is already on their second generation of the HyperAdapt self-tying shoe. Now Puma is joining the field with their own self-tying shoes named “Fi” (Fit Intelligence). The Puma Fi shoes adapt to the owners feet when they swipe the top of the shoe’s tongue. Inside this elevated tongue is a micrometer that activates a pair of cables for tightening the shoe. If you like your shoes tighter or looser, you can adjust them through a Puma smartphone app or Apple Watch. ...

FLIR Systmes, the makers of thermal cameras, have launched their latest drone – the Black Hornet 3. The Black Hornet 3 is a tiny drone marketed to the military, government agencies, and first responders. This Personal Reconnaissance System (PRS) is the world’s smallest combat-proven nano-Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). Just a bunch of words saying it is a tiny drone. The Black Hornet 3 weighs just 32 grams, has a 1.2 mile range, and...

Bubbly Blaster Champagne Squirt Gun

Good champagne is, well, good. Bad champagne is ummmm, bad.

Did some not-so-tasty champagne survive this years NYE party? If so, strap on the Bubbly Blaster ($100) and use it as a neat party trick. The Bubbly Blaster turns your champagne into a squirt gun that can shoot about 30-feet.

Video of the Bubbly Blaster after the break. (more…)

Posted on Jan 30 2019 - 9:22am by gchoe


Better act quick if you want to get the Anker PowerPort Cube for just $19 shipped (regularly $25.99). Use coupon code ANKERP27 at checkout today only.

What is the Anker PowerPort Cube? It is basically a 3-outlet power strip with 3 USB ports with smart charging. It is about the size of a tennis ball and has rounded corners.

Video after the break if you want to learn more. (more…)