Some people like hot coffee and some like theirs ice-cold. Such is life. If you are in the cold coffee camp and don’t like diluting your coffee with melting ice cubes check out the Hyperchiller ($29). The Hyperchiller can turn hot coffee in to perfect iced coffee in about one minute. The coffee is flash chilled without touching ice so it doesn’t get diluted while cooling.

1) Brew fresh hot coffee directly into the HyperChiller with your compatible single serve machine, or pour it into recessed section of the lid from a carafe.
2) After the coffee is in the HyperChiller, gently swirl it every few seconds to keep the coffee moving. An 8 oz. brew will achieve great results in one minute after brewing stops. In that one minute, the coffee will have cooled by up to 130+ degrees.
3) Pour over ice and enjoy! For larger brews, or if you want to enjoy yours without ice, let the coffee chill for an additional 30 or 60 seconds respectively.

It also serves double duty for cooling whiskey, wine, tea, etc…

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Remember when Jeeps weren’t family cars with plush interiors and 10 cup-holders? You know, the old 1980’s CJ-8 for example. The folks at Legacy Classic Trucks are pimping out an old Jeep Scrambler. The Legacy Jeep Scrambler ($110K) starts off the restoration with an aluminum 6.2L V8 engine that cranks out 430-horsepower. And then they add the following;

  • 10,000-pound Warn Zeon Winch
  • Rugged spray-in floor lliner
  • An Aluminum body and doors
  • 14-inch King shocks
  • A Nardi steering wheel
  • Leather Recaro seats
  • Waterproof gauges and switches

EasyJet Hybrid Airplanes

One way the budget airlines are able to offer such low airfare is by cutting costs. T’his means luggage fees, tighter seating, and now hybrid airplanes. How much can a hybrid fleet save a small airline like EasyJet? 35-million per year!

This isn’t your typical hybrid though. Don’t expect an Prius styled airplane running on batteries or anything like that. The way the jumbo-jet hybrid system works is that the main engines are not used when the airplane is taxiing. Apparently taxiing around the runway is approximately 4 percent of the airlines annual fuel consumption. Who knew?

The airplane hybrid system will use hydrogen fuel cells to power the planes as they taxi. Additionally the waste product of the hydrogen fuel cell, water, will be used for drinking water or toilet flushing.

Alcohol Lotion Bottle Flask

If you have ever wanted to bring your hooch into a concert or sporting event to save a few bucks I wouldn’t fault you. At the last football game I went to the crappy beer was costing $10 for a 12-ounce pour. Not acceptable. Might be worth smuggling in some stronger stuff so you only need to buy a single beer instead of 2, 3, 4, or 5?!

This GoPong Hidden Lotion Flask 3-Pack ($9.99) is sure to pass muster with the rent-a-cops.

Hidden Alcohol Flask looks like lotion

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Oma Imperia Speakers

Hmmm. Not sure about this design which is often hailed as “art”, maybe it would grow on me if I had $155,000 to spend on speakers. Yep. You read that right. $155K for a pair of Oma Imperia Speakers. Designed by David D’Imperio and built in Pennsylvania out of black walnut, cherry, or ash wood. To give you an idea of the scale; they are five feet deep and over seven feet tall. Did I mention they cost $155,000?

The Imperia is a four way horn system, with a vertical array of conical horns covering 100hz to 20khz, and two rear loaded subwoofer horns using a massive 21″ neodymium woofer handling 20hz-100hz. This special OMA sub is 104db 1w/1m and is powered by its own solid state amplifier. The system as a whole is extremely efficient at 105db 1w/1m, and is entirely time aligned.


Remember the Tokyo Drone Hunting Squad? Dumbest idea ever. Well, the Dutch are going to give Japan a run for their money.

A new trial is underway using an amazing bird of pray, the eagle, to intercept drones that might be in the way during an emergency. Is this really that big of a problem? Maybe it is.

The Dutch National Police are working with a raptor training company (Guard From Above) to teach eagles to recognize a Drone and grab it with its talons and bring it down. Sounds good until you see the size and power of aftermarket carbon fiber blades. These poor birds are going to be having their legs chopped off. Vide of this eagle drone hunting team after the break.

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I know. I Know. It isn’t technically a gadget. Good thing we don’t follow the rules here. The baby onsie made me chuckle so I thought I would share it.

It is called the Mimic Baby Onsie by ekoD Works and comes all the way from Japan. Of course it does. All of the strange stuff comes from Japan.

Cat Tail Baby Onsie

TappLock Biometric Padlock

No more keys or codes to remember for your padlock. That is if you have the TappLock (by Pishon Labs). The TappLock (still on Indiegogo) can be opened like your iPhone 6S, with your fingerprint. There will be two versions of the TappLock, a smaller version with a 6-month battery life and a larger version with a 3-year battery life. The large version can also be used like a power bank battery for charging your phone. I hope the USB power port needs fingerprint authorization before giving up power or people will certainly exploit this feature.

They aren’t the first folks to the game with a biometric padlock. In fact you can go buy the Talon MR60-1TB assuming you can stomach the awful reviews. What happens when the battery dies? Well, you can’t open the lock. That could be a problem. You can register up to 100 fingerprints to the TappLock and also use your smartphone to unlock the padlock via Bluetooth. I wonder how this lock stands up to a hammer or bolt cutter. Video of the TappLock in action after the break.

Honest Abe Homeless Man Takes Credit Cards

As we, sadly, move towards a cashless society it has to be a bit tougher on the homeless people who often rely on cash from sympathetic folks. Heck, I have often said “sorry, I only have credit cards” to fend off the homeless folks in San Francisco. Well, “Honest Abe”, a homeless man in Detroit, got himself a smartphone and a Square reader so that he can accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Detroit has to be a tough city to be homeless in. It has a depressed economy, cold weather, and plenty of crime and violence. Honest Abe seems to have is ISH together. He has a nice white board sign, a smartphone, credit card processing ability, and cold weather clothes. Might be time to parlay this into a job Abe…


ATM Machine Dropped From 100 Feet

No surprise that ATM’s hold a bunch of cash. Knowing that, there is also no surprise that said ATM’s are built tough. They aren’t going to give up the loot too easily. Heck, even with a crowbar and hammer it is a very tough nut to crack. Watch what happens when you drop an ATM machine from 100 feet.