Life Size Dancing Groot Motion Statue

At the end of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie there was a baby Groot growing in a pot. As the credits began to roll the baby Groot was dancing in his pot. Hearts melted. Adults cried. OK, that might be pushing it a bit. But who wouldn’t want their own baby Groot?

This limited edition Dancing Groot Motion Statue ($199) was crafted from the original CGI file and is a 1:1 scale version. Built by Factory Entertainment and individually numbered the little Groot moves when you touch it. Video of the dancing baby Groot after the break.

What the heck is a handheld breaching tool? Well, in this case it is a flashlight sized (1.5 x 14-inch) gadget that shoots vaporized metal and particulate for about 2-seconds to melt anything in front of it. It can melt through locks, rebar, cage bars, braided steel cabling, etc… The cutting jet burns hotter than 4000-degrees Fahrenheit! The handle has a battery that starts the ignition process of the replaceable cartridge.

The TEC Torch can cut through solid steel rod up to 0.75-inches regardless of whether the metal is hardened, plain carbon, or stainless steel. You can even buy cartridges for penetrating steel plates up to 0.50-inches thick. Heck, it even works underwater.2


This might just be the best $140 I have spent this week. At first glance this clock looks like an old piece of test hardware with two analog gauges. Look a bit closer and you will see the left gauge is labeled “hours” and the right gauge “minutes”. While the youngsters among us might not think this is neat it will give some of us older folks a touch of nostalgia. You can get your AWK-105 Analog Voltmeter Clock here. Video of the clock in action after the break.


The Yamaha R1 is a venerable super bike but doesn’t satisfy the needs of riders who prefer the “naked” bike look. You know, like the BMW S1000R or the Aprilia Tuono. The MT-10 is a thing of beauty and also a bit on the ugly side. Depends on the viewer or the angle I suppose.

The 2016 MT-10 is now the third Japanese bike to enter the super-naked class of super bikes. It sports the CP4 cross plane crankshaft, an inline 4-cylinder 998cc R1 engine, switchable 3-level traction control, and D-mode for multiple engine maps.

This new model has been planned and developed as the flagship model of the MT series. It encapsulates both the concepts of “ultimate street sports performance with handling as the rider intends” and “versatile, enjoyable functionality”.
Main features include an engine emphasizing strong torque performance at low to medium speeds thanks to the unique character of the crossplane crankshaft with its linear feeling of torque and ease of control, a chassis which delivers agile handling through the same 1,400mm short wheelbase as the MT-07, and a riding position suited to a wide range of situations from highly-aggressive cornering to touring. The MT-10 also includes a full array of functions such as a cruise control system designed to provide versatile enjoyment, and its styling features a tight body and the presence worthy of being the flagship model under “The King of MT” design concept.

More pictures after the break.


In the past I have said some nice things about the VueZone and Arlo systems. As much as I love the options you get from the battery powered wireless cameras that store video in the cloud, there are some inherent shortcomings. So, I have mostly moved over to the Dropcam Pro (Nest Cam) cameras but ever since things got nested under the Nest arm of Google things have gotten worse. More on that to come.

So, needless to say, I am happy to see that the Nest Cam/Dropcam Pro has a new competitor. Enter the Netgear Arlo Q (coming late January, 2016). It records to the cloud, is 1080p, a mobile app, and two-way audio. So what is the main difference between the Arlo Q (VMC3040-100NAS) and the other offerings in the market? The big one is that Netgear is offering  seven days of cloud video recording for free. Assuming latency, wireless strength, low-light vision, and video quality are good they will definitely make a dent in the market.

This beast is the world’s first jet-powered, 3D printed UAV and hit hits 150mph. This collaboration between Aurora Flight Sciences and Stratasys is most likely the fastest unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

United Cutlery UC2979 M48 Kommando Tactical Survival Shovel

The United Cutlery M48 Kommando Tactical Survival Shovel just might be the ultimate tactical shovel. You can quickly go from digging a hole to defending yourself without going for your EDC knife. The handle is “virtually indestructible”, injection-molded nylon with 30-percent fiberglass and nylon reinforcements. The shovel head is made of tempered 2Cr13 stainless steel and coated with black oxide. The edge of the shovel is sharpened and has a serrated edge on one side. For just $40 you should have one in your truck or UTV.

Rumblr Fight App

This is a bad idea all around, but I am sure it will spawn some interesting videos. Maybe a death or two. Geesh, what has this world become? This app, currently still in development, is designed to let crazy idiots people find someone local to have a good old fashioned fist fight. And if you are the type that doesn’t like to fight alone you can even enter the “group” mode. Time for some scary numbers. The Tumblr Fight App has a sign-up sheet for Beta testing limited to the first 2,000 people. More than 78,000 people have signed up for this Beta access.

Yeah, this is definitely going to end badly assuming this app makes it to the smartphone.

*-update. This may be just a hoax. Phew!


Winter is coming. (shameless Game of Thrones plug) In fact, it is already here. Winter that is. So, how do you stand out in a crowd full of fluffy jackets and cold weather apparel? You put on an animal face balaclava of course. There are many animal choices including tiger, zebra, dog, etc… Check out the animal face ski masks here.


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Gibbs Biski Motorcycle Jetski

The folks at Gibbs Sports Amphibians sure have been busy. As if their QuadSki wasn’t enough awesomeness they now have a motorcycle version, The Biski starts off as a motorcycle with a BMW engine then straps on a powerful water jet. I am sure it isn’t that simple, but that is how I imagine it. Video of the Biski motorcycle jet-ski after the break.