Vortex Bladeless Wind Turbine

Typically wind turbines are like giant fans that spin in the wind to create electrical energy. This new style of wind turbine, the Vortex Bladeless, is just a vertical pole that captures energy from what is known as vorticity. Huh? Apparently that is the aerodynamic effect that causes spinning vortices or whirlpools of wind. This vertical pole of a wind turbine then uses magnets acting as a nonelectrical motor to capture the energy.

While the Vortex Bladeless is 30% less efficient at capturing energy than the bladed versions they can pack more into a typical wind site. In other words, they can gain about 40% more energy from a given area.

Posted on May 22 2015 - 9:59am by Ty G

Nobot Robot

The robots are coming. Some think they are coming to take our jobs. They are right. The Nobot, however, is designed to be controlled by a human rather than its own software brain. Think of it as a robot that you control for doing the work you don’t want to do. Or more accurately working somewhere you don’t want to be. Send your N1H1 Nobot Robot ($399) off to fold the laundry, clean the cats litter box, or plant flowers. The coolest part is the human network that Nobot wants to create to operate your robot for hire. Check it out on Indiegogo.com.

With Nobot, you can hire operators with a huge variety of specialist skills. Your Nobot can mow the lawn in the morning, monitor your kids in the afternoon and be a companion on the evening.

Posted on May 20 2015 - 10:06am by Russ

Equus Bass 770 Front

I love taking the beautiful old-school styling and wrapping it around modern technology and performance. That is pretty much what Equus Automotive has done with their Bass 770. This beauty channels the 1960-1970 muscle car era and manages to look like a Fastback Mustang, a Dodge Challenger, and a Chevrolet Camaro all blended into one car.

Equus Bass 770 Side

The engine is an aluminum supercharged 6.2L V8 making 640 horsepower. The frame and chassis are also aluminum. It is handmade in the USA. No need to google that it stands for United States of America. We still make some stuff here. Not much though.

Equus Bass 770 Interior

Some other bits include Brembo carbon ceramic brakes, magnetic suspension, MR shock absorbers, traction control, and a luxurious leather interior. Now all I have to do is find $250,000. Ouch. Video of the Equus Bass 770 after the break.

Ghe-O Rescue Vehicle

The Ghe-O Rescue comes to us from Romania and is bigger than it looks. Heck, at first glance it looks like a modified Hummer H1. It isn’t. This monster truck is over 17-feet long and weighs 6400-pounds. It can carry 11-passengers, it can float with additional tire air bags, has optional tank tracks, and up to 500hp. Video of the Ghe-O Rescue vehicle in action after the break.

Ghe-O Motors Rescue

5K iMac 27-inch

Sure, we are barely getting used to 4K resolution and there isn’t even a ton of 4K content just yet. But it is coming. In fact, there are plenty of super high resolution videos on YouTube now. Apple, never content to rest, has just released their 27-inch Retina 5K iMac models (prices start at $1,999). Swing by an Apple store and check them out. They are a thing of beauty.


Mr Fusion Replica

The perfect bit to add to your best or worst car. This 18-inch Mr. Fusion Replica from the Back to the Future movie would look great on a Ford Pinto or a Tesla Model S. Just don’t put it on your Toyota Camry. It is just a replica so don’t put garbage inside of it hoping for energy, it won’t work. It even makes the proper sounds.

Posted on May 18 2015 - 9:15am by Gadget King

Wavekat P70 Watercraft

You have $25K burning a hole in your pocket and already have a new car or truck? Time to buy a Wavekat P70. It drives like a car with a standard steering wheel and an accelerator pedal.

Able to perform 90º turns while continuing at high speed, the catamaran style layout allows this water go-kart to remain stable so you can put your foot down and power across the water at speeds of 35+ knots (65kph). The Wavekat is one of the most agile luxury water toys you’ll ever come across – jaw-dropping fun and impressive manoeuvrability will have your guests lining up for more.

Video of the Wavekat P70 after the break.

Seabreacher Sailfish

Remember the Dolphin Submarine by Seabreacher? Well they have been hard at work creating new designs from orcas, sharks, NASA jets, and my new favorite the Sailfish. Pictures are fine and all, but you gotta watch the video to really get how awesome this thing is. Start a collection for my birthday present please.

Turn Off Android Geotagging

Sadly privacy is becoming an elusive unicorn. Some things we can avoid, others we cannot. That doesn’t mean we can’t make small changes that make it a bit tougher for everyone to know everything about us. For example does your Android phone really need where you are at all times? I say no.

A quick example of this technology going a bit farther than necessary is the use of geotagging on Android devices (Apple iOS as well). The geotagging tracks where your phone is so that when you take a picture it can tell the location, time, and date and embed this information in the photo. If that doesn’t sound like something you need, disable it. Read on for how to turn off geotagging in Android.

Buterfly Bottle Opener Review

The Balisong (butterfly) knife is illegal in most places which is a bummer. That doesn’t mean you have to give up on the fun Balisong action. Time for the next best thing, a Balisong bottle opener by BBbarfly.com. I recently got my hands on a matching pair (black and white) with a custom skin with our logo. Awesome. Read on for details of the best Balisong/Butterfly bottle opener I have seen to date.