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Not sure how we managed to make it this far without this cat table, dubbed the CATable.  Made by Ruan Hao for the LYCS architecture firm.  The CATable is designed to allow you cats to play and lounge at your table while you eat, work, etc…  The table reminds me of a cutaway of Swiss cheese and has smooth tunnels.  Perfect for cat play.  More pictures of this cat friendly table after the break.

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Make a statement with a pair of earbuds that make it look like you have a mini katana sword running through your head.  Great idea, right?  If nothing else, they are quite clever.  I have yet to see anyone rocking the Katana Earbuds… yet.

Google SunPower Solar Lease

Google has just made their 16th renewable energy investment (and their third residential rooftop solar investment) by partnering with SunPower.  This deal plans to make solar affordable for the typical home owner by leasing the solar panels at a cost that is typically less than a home’s normal electricity bills.  Google has done similar deals with SolarCity and Clean Power Finance.



LEHR Propane Boat Motor

If you have an aluminum boat or an inflatable boat that can take an outboard motor (Genesis or Zodiac style) you should pay attention to the new line of LEHR Propane Powered Outboard Engines.  The LEHR propane outboards can run off a larger propane tank with a hose-line or the smaller Coleman Propane Cylinders.  Imagine being able to screw on a tiny propane tank and taking off.  No more messy fuel.  Not to mention that propane costs about half us much and is mostly produced in America.

The LEHR propane boat engines run cleaner and are easier to start than traditional gasoline engines, which means you no longer need a primer or choke.  There is also no gummed up carburetor or winterizing to worry about.  If you are concerned about the environment, which you should be if you plan on eating the fish you catch, the LEHR propane outboards also reduce particulate matter by 97%.  More details and pricing information after the break.

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I think this video of Ant Burgess on his expensive Jetski speaks for itself.

We have seen some pretty cool skateboards over the years… some that are 3D printed, some that have only one wheel, some that are totally re-imagined, some that fold-up, etc

This all-wheel-drive off-road board is the mountain bike of skateboards, called the BajaBoard.  It is currently looking for backers on KickStarter.  Read on for details, pictures, and video of the BajaBoard after the break.

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Lytro Illum Camera

Remember the first version of the Lytro Camera?  It had a long rectangular shape and looked nothing like a camera.  The idea behind the Lytro Camera technology is that you can take photos and refocus them at a later time.  Pretty cool stuff.  The first version had a max resolution of 1080×1080 and was just a tad to “strange”.

The latest Lytro Illum Camera, on the other hand, is a thing of beauty.  The Illum sports an 8x zoom lens, better object focusing, a 40 Megaray CMOS sensor, a Snapdragon processor, an SD slot, 4MP image quality, and a cool new body.  If this excites you… pre-order yours now for $1,499 here.


Lately, Benelli has been known for larger exotic and expensive triples such as the Tornado, the Tre-K Adventurer, and the TnT.  Now that Qianjiang owns Benelli (since 2005) they want to keep the Italian brand/styling alive.  Their latest bike, the BN302, makes learning to ride sexy… if that were possible.

The Benelli BN302 is a 300cc twin-cylinder putting out 37 horsepower and 20 foot-pounds of torque.  Slightly more powerful than the Kawasaki Ninja 300 and also heavier and larger.  Better for the bigger guys.  Some cool styling features of the BN302 are the low exhaust, trestle frame, and red horizontal shock.  All this goodness for just $5,600 later this year.


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Oh where did the time go?  I remember playing with the Nintendo Game Boy as if it was just yesterday.  At the time, this was the best portable gaming gear around.  It wasn’t overdesigned but was rugged and easy to master.  Today Nintendo just turned 25 years old.  Yes this means I am old as well.

The original Nintendo Game Boy was released on April 21, 1989 and was the equivalent of the Sony Walkman for the portable gaming world.

Microsoft All-In-One Media Keyboard

I used to love my Logitech diNovo Mini HTPC keyboard… but I am on my 3rd unit and they all have battery and connection issues.  C.R.A.P.  Well, Microsoft is getting in on the living room keyboard game.  Their latest All-in-One Media keyboard isn’t small… but it is ready to tackle your TV/PC experience.  Read on for details…