No more noisy keychains. So simple. Magkey ($12)  is basically a set of magnets you stick on your keys and they help to end the jingling key syndrome.

Posted on Jul 31 2015 - 10:11am by Ty G

Lazareth Wazuma Bio V12 Driving

Full beast mode. The Lazareth Wazuma Bio V12 makes 500 bhp, uses a BMW V12, runs on bio-ethanol, and has 4 wheels (despite looking like a trike). Two things are a bit hard to swallow, 1) the $284,000 price tag and 2) the fact that it is made in France. Video and pictures of the Lazareth Wazuma Bio V12 after the break.


The open nature of the Android OS is going to make ownership not-so-fun. Like living in the ghetto and not being able to lock your doors and windows. Just last week there was the Stagefright flaw which allows hackers to access a targeted Android device by simply sending an MMS message.

This weeks Android flaw exploits a video related vulnerability by using a malformed Matroska (MKV) video via websites or apps. Once executed your Android phone or tablet is turned into a paperweight. The MKV video crashes the Android mediaserver service.

If the Android device is locked when this hack hits users won’t be able to get past the lock screen. Basically this could be another ransom-ware type of exploit where hackers can keep your phone bricked unless you pay up.

Google Chromecast

If Roku or Apple TV aren’t your thing or you are on a budget you might want to check out this deal on the Google Chromecast. Until August 9th, you can get a free $10 gift card from Amazon with the purchase of a Google Chomrecast dongle. Check it out here.

(Customers have to add both he Chromecast and the $10 Amazon gift card to the cart then the deal kicks in at checkout)


Sure this e-bike looks modern, even a bit strange. Yes it folds up pretty small. It also has a color LCD screen to control resistance and acceleration. There is plenty of aluminum, lithium-ion, and carbon fiber. Still not impressed? How about the fact that the pedals aren’t attached to a chain. In fact the pedals don’t do anything for propulsion at all. The pedals are basically attached to a generator and are used to recharge the battery. Crazy right? Sounds like a good idea until you hit a hill and realize that if the electric motor doesn’t have the power for the climb. All of the pedaling your little legs can muster won’t help you get up that hill. The Mando Footloose G1 E-Bike is still pretty cool though.

mando footloose g1 ebike

Video after the break.

Windows 10 Wifi Password Sharing

Microsoft has basically taken sharing a bit too far. Windows 10 comes defaulted with a scary and stupid feature that shares your WiFi passwords (encrypted) with your, Skype, and Facebook contacts. Not sure how this one made it from a board meeting to reality. Yikes.

“Give and get Internet access without seeing shared passwords. You’ll get connected to Wi’Fi networks your contacts share, and they’ll get connected to networks you share.”

Imagine that. A “Facebook” friend now has your house as a hot spot when they wander into range of your network. Not cool. Read on for how to disable this “feature”.

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For the Star Wars nerds amongst us, the R2-D2 Purse. This dome shaped purse manages to pull off the R2-D2 look while still staying stylish. It is officially licensed, has a double zipper closure, metal feet on the bottom, and two interior pockets. Yours at ThinkGeek for $59.99.


Apparently the crowded parking lot situation is not a new one. Volkswagen is recycling an old idea with a new twist. Remember the Honda Motocompo? It was a tiny folding motorcycle built in the early 1980’s that was sold as an option to the Honda City car. It fit neatly in the hatchback and had mounting points that matched those of the car. The idea is that you park outside of the heavily congested area and ride in on the scooter.


Well Volkswagen has come out with their modern twist on the Motocompo, an electric scooter dubbed the ‘Last Mile Surfer’. This three-wheeled electric scooter folds up, has a 12-mile range, and weighs just 24.2 pounds. Expect to see this VW Last Mile Surfer in Europe starting in 2016 for around 1,000 euros.

FlipAround TV Mount With Artwork

Add this cool TV mount that looks like artwork when not in use to the hidden gun safes we showed earlier this week and you have all of your gadgets hidden in plain site. Not only does this TV mount securely hold your TV to the wall but it is motorized and can flip over to display artwork when not in use. The model shown here is priced at $1,399 and can hold up to a 42-inch television. They also have other versions that can hold screens up to 60-inches. There are plenty of picture frames to choose from. Video of the FlipAround Motorized TV Mount after the break.


Fishing is a 40,000 year old pastime that continues to evolve with technology. We now have super realistic fishing lures, sonar fish-finders, underwater cameras, graphite fishing rods, scented bait, etc… Poor fish.

Apparently all of this high tech fishing gadgetry wasn’t enough because now there is a fishing drone quadcopter. The AguaDrone is a waterproof quadcopter that has an accessory bay on the underside. Fisherman can opt for one of the following gadgets at a time –

  • A wireless camera. Land on the water and see what is below the surface.
  • A Fish Scout Pod. A sonar fish-finder system.
  • A Line Flyer Pod. A payload delivery system for allowing exact hook/line placement.


No more wondering where the fish are. No more blind casting in hopes of a bite. Now we just have to wait for the folks at AguaDrone to finalize production (should be in November). The copter with all attachment pods will be for sale around $1,100. Video after the break.