Youtube Public Urination Shaming

Genius use of technology at work in the Czech Republic near the Hotel Marcincak in Mikulov. The sign pretty much sums it up. You piss in public here and they will upload the video from surveillance cameras to Youtube.

Posted on Sep 2 2014 - 12:07pm by Pete M

Bygen Hank Folding Bike

Collapsible or folding bikes are amazing from an engineering perspective. The Bygen Hank Collapsible Bike takes the portable bike to the next level with a direct-drive pedal system and more. Most bikes, folding or not, tend to have a chain. In the case of a collapsible/folding bike it limits how small things can go and also adds maintenance and mess issues. The Bygen Hank Bike uses a direct drive gear system to get power to the rear wheel.

The Bygen Hank also collapses in a clever sliding system that needs just one touch to activate. This sliding frame system also allows different sized riders to pick the exact bike length. Unfortunately there isn’t an ETA or price announced as of yet.

Bygen Hank Folding Bike

Posted on Sep 1 2014 - 11:43am by Robby S.

Pistol Gun Mug

If you work at the post office or live in a perpetual Monday you may need a Pistol Grip Coffee Mug ($16).

Not sure who writes the product descriptions on Amazon, but this line is a bit scary – “The Gun Handle Mug combines the much needed calm of drinking coffee during a hectic day at the office with the aggression of fantasizing about pointing a firearm at your boss”.


Posted on Sep 1 2014 - 11:06am by Lew

Midual Type 1 Motorcycle Side

Inspired by classic European bikes and cars from the 30′s and 50′s, the Midual Type 1 Motorcycle is a thing of beauty. Check out the gauges on the gas tank. The 1036cc engine puts out 106 horsepower. Power is put to the road via a 6-speed multi-plate clutch. Will have to wait for some ride reviews to see how the Midual Type 1 Motorcycle actually performs, but it certainly looks good. Oh yeah… it costs about $185,000.  Specs and pictures after the break.

I must be getting older. Furniture has never been so exciting.

Posted on Aug 26 2014 - 8:48am by Craig

Das Can-in-Stein

Time to fancy up your cheap beer with the Das Can-in-Stein ($9.99). This simple, yet clever, invention holds a standard 12-ounce beer (or soda). Now you can sip your PBR while pretending to be in Germany for Oktoberfest.


Just slip your drink into your Das Can-in-Stein and brace for the impending carousing. Our pewter-look resin scaffold holds any standard 12 oz. can and features a hinged lid easily operated with a thumb-lever. And you know what that means: no more Black-Plague-carrying insects in your drink!



Royal Caribbean Quantum of the SeasRoyal Caribbean’s newest ship comes with some high tech gadgetry including RFID tags for passengers, fast internet, 80-inch TV’s acting as windows, and a robot bartender.  Read on for more details and pictures.

CHINON Legato iPhone Passive Speaker

There are plenty of passive iPhone speaker docks out there. You know, the speaker that has no batteries or power and works like yelling into a traffic cone to amplify the audio. The sound isn’t going to be amazing, but it will be a bit louder. The CHINON Legao CH-PS840 iPhone Passive Speaker Dock ($249) is certainly one of the coolest of the crowd. The CHINON Legato is handcrafted from ash hardwood and will boost your iPhone’s speaker by up to 6 decibels.

Being a passive speaker the Legato uses no electricity. Instead, its highly refined resonance chamber channels sound waves through the horn where they’re emitted as warm, full and detail-rich music with improved low and mid-high regions. This design serves to both amplify and equalize the sound to perfection. The Legato comes with an attachable base compatible with iPhone 4, 4S and 5, 5S, 5C models. An USB connector in the base permits re-charging of the iPhone while in use.


If eating a plain banana is just too boring for your tastes, you could fill it up with say… chocolate? The DestapaBanana invention allows you to remove a core from the banana and then pump just about anything you can think of inside. Some of the suggestions are chocolate, caramel, and dulche de leche. Video of the DestapaBanana Filler after the break.

Avtoros Shaman 8x8 mudding

Russia has some seriously rough terrain and weather. Some pretty tough 4×4 vehicles wouldn’t have a chance on much of their landscape. The saying that necessity is the mother of invention is true. In this case a Russian builder has started making the Avtoros Shaman 8×8 All-Terrain Vehicle. Read on for details, pictures, and video.