A small bike builder out of Germany has built a beastly looking bike that is fairly customizable. The Altinsoy Bees Bike can run with full suspension or can be modified for a hardtail setup. The bike can also adjust sizing and positioning for the personalized feel. Altinsoy can currently make about 10 bikes per day and the first ones coming off the line will be electric versions. The Electric Bees Bike will have a mid-motor drive system by Brose and a BMZ battery. Options include wide tires, Gates Carbon belt drive, Rolloff Speedhub 500/14, and RockShox Bluto fork. More pictures of this beauty after the break.

Posted on Aug 27 2015 - 11:23am by Steve M

Made in China doll head in horse

I try to avoid products made in China. It isn’t easy. In fact it is often my only choice for certain products. Not everything made in China is bad. Plenty is down right amazing, heck look at the iPhone. There are good and bad factories. This post is some of the Made In China Fails. More hilarity after the break.

3st medal

Whether or not this poor guy was sleeping or sunbathing on the job is not known. The video is quite funny because both the guy laying on top of the 200ft tall wind turbine and the drone operator were both equally surprised I imagine. Too funny. Is there no privacy anymore? Nope!

Ferrolic display

Zelf Koelman and a team took Ferrofluid, a black liquid with iron particles, and made a mesmerizing display they call Ferrolic. The display is filled with liquid, like an aquarium, and has powerful electromagnets in back that manipulate the ferro fluid. The display is a thing of beauty and may be hitting Kickstarter in the near future. If you can’t wait, there are 24 production models available for $8,500 a pop. Video after the break, worth a watch to drop your blood pressure if nothing else.

Posted on Aug 26 2015 - 10:24am by Craig

Vibram Furoshiki Wrap Shoe

If you haven’t heard of Vibram by now, well, I am surprised. They make soles for many shoe companies. Their latest shoe gadgetry comes in the form of a wrap-around shoe called the Vibram Furoshiki. The shoe was inspired by traditional Japanese Furoshiki fabrics used for wrapping up gifts, etc… The shoe design is a sole with stretchy fabric on both sides for wrapping around ones foot. The best part they are secured with Velcro. Who doesn’t love Velcro? Vide of Vibram Furoshiki after the break.

littlebits deluxe kit

Whether you want to invent some new gadgets with out having to build every single module or are just trying to mod an existing household item Littlebits is worth a look. I recommend starting off with a littleBits Electronics Deluxe Kit ($199). That is a pretty good base to get playing and building. From there, you can add an endless array of specialized modules. The cool part is that they magnetically connect and make getting from idea to finish product pretty quickly. Check out some cool littleBits ideas after the break.


What the heck is a bone conduction headphone? It is a headphone that doesn’t push sound through your earhole, but instead conducts sound through the bones of your skull. So the idea is that these are easier on your eardrums, don’t block your regular hearing (safer), and are very comfortable. The Aftershokz Bluez 2 Bone Conduction Headphones ($79.95) are great for listening to music and also come with a built-in noise canceling microphone for phone calls.  Video after the break.

Epson Runsense SF-110

When I think of Epson, I think of printers. Looks like Epson wants to change that with their latest product the Runsense SF-110, a GPS fitness tracking watch.

The Epson Runsense SF-110 is merging the traditional fitness (running) tracking with a GPS for accurate location and distance information. The SF-110 measures calories burned, pace, time, laps, altitude, distance, steps, and more. Colors include black, green, and bright blue. The watch also synchs up with iOS and Android devices via the Epson Run Connect app. The best part is the fair $139 price tag.


GameBoy Refrigerator Magnets

I remember the Nintendo Gameboy like it was yesterday. I carried that little guy with me everywhere. In an effort to relive my youth while confusing todays kids I have ordered a set of magnets that turns my refrigerator into a giant GameBoy. The FreezerBoy Fridge Magnet is yours for just $19.99.

Confederate G2 P51 Combat Fighter Motorcycle

This isn’t the first amazingly awesome and unique design from the folks at Confederate and it probably won’t be the last. I mean, holy shamolee. At least you know that if you can afford the $115k price tag you know you won’t see another one just about anywhere. The Confederate G2 P51 Combat Fighter Motorcycle is built from 6061 aerospace billet aluminum, has an industry-first structural intake that connects straight to the intake manifold, makes 200 horsepower, and is limited to just 61 units. More pictures of this beast after the break.