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Sometimes the best pranks are the simplest ones. Gotta love the different reactions.

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I still remember when the Reebok Pumps came out in 1989. I had to have a pair. They weren’t particularly good looking and the pump technology was ok at best. Well Reebok is bringing the technology back with an upgrade and good looks.

Reebok ZPump Technology

The Reebok ZPump Fusion looks pretty futuristic and the air chamber (that you pump up) wraps around the foot now for a true custom fit. The shoe is made of a lightweight and seamless fabric for a comfortable fit. The sole was inspired by Z-Rated tires which seems like marketing googly-gook to me. The ZPump is available in black/graphite/white, black/red/white, and black/yellow/white.

Reebok ZPump Sole

Either way, the new Reebok Pump (ZPump) shoe looks pretty cool. Watch the video showing the tech of it all after the break.


Imagine that, a faucet that saves water (15%) while making amazing geometric designs with the water flow. The faucet was designed by Sam Qui, a student at London’s Royal College of Art. The faucet uses small turbines inside the faucet to create the cool water patterns. Now we have to hope this water faucet makes it to the mass market.


Oco Camera Review

Choosing the right home/business monitoring camera is a daunting task. For most folks, a streaming WiFi camera with video/audio cloud storage is the quickest way to get up and running. Also, maintenance on this type of camera system is minimal when compared to other DVR systems. The Oco Streaming Camera System makes going from 0-60 incredibly quick and easy. Read on for a full review of the Oco camera.

OakBottle Infuser

Ever wanted to take some of your cheap wine and liquor and magically improve it? Yeah, me either. But, say you did… you could use this OakBottle ($79.99) device which infuses oak notes into wine and alcohol in just 24 to 48 hours.

More surface area touching less volume can infuse the wine or spirit quicker. What took months before takes just days now with oak bottle

You can turn silver tequila into Anejo or moonshine into bourbon. If nothing else it will make a cool gift.

Apple Watch Configurator Mix Your Watch

If you are one of the people with some extra scratch laying around that wants an Apple Watch but are having a hard time picking the right watch and band configuration, check this out.

Some crafty folks have made a rather simple and functional website,, which lets you mix bands and watch case configurations. I have tried just about every combination and I think I like the black steel (or black aluminum) with a black or blue fluroelastomer band. Just in case you are shopping for a gift for me. One can hope, right?

Beholder SP Handheld Gimbal Review

Handheld gimbals are often used by professional videographers to get smooth video while moving with a video camera. The gimbal is designed to take the rough movements off of video shots where the cameraman is walking, running, or riding in a bumpy vehicle. The professional versions are often very expensive.

Until now there wasn’t any off-the-shelf options for folks wanting the same functionality for a smartphone, or specifically an iPhone in this case. Naturally I was excited to try this gadget out. Read on for the full Beholder SP Handheld Gimbal Review.


The Aeryon HDZoom30 is basically a 3-axis gimbal stabilized camera system that can be bolted on to a Aeryon SkyRanger copter. The amazing part about the Aeryon HDZoom30 is the insane zoom (30x optical and 60x digital) and camera quality (20MP).  This camera combined with a buttery smooth gimbal allows tricks like license plate and facial recognition from distances over 1,000 feet. This means you could be so high up in the sky that the people you are watching, at very high resolution, can’t even hear or see your quadcopter. Basically,  you would be like our government. Sneaky stuff.


The HDZoom30 weighs about 1-pound and is perfect for mounting under the belly of a decent quad or hexacopter. A Aeryon SkyRanger kit (with camera) will set you back about $75,000 (ouch) and you can see more details on the Aeryon website. Easier to see this in action. Video of this amazing drone camera system after the break.

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Node Electric Outlet

Sure, there isn’t a ground, it clearly isn’t polarized, and it won’t pass code but it is a pretty clever idea. This Node Electric Outlet is like track lighting for your electrical plugs. Plug in as many as can fit (without popping the circuit) and you no longer need a power-strip.

Panasonic Nubo Camera

Panasonic is stepping into the streaming security camera market with the Nubo. Time will tell if the implementation is enough to steal customers from the likes of Oco and Dropcam. But from the looks of the spec sheet this camera has quite a bit going on. Read on for details of the Panasonic Nubo.