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Sierra Modern Home Studio Smart Table 1

The Sierra Modern Home Studio Smart Table does more than your traditional table. It has a built in 360-degree Bluetooth speaker system with tweeters and a subwoofer, Qi wireless charging, two USB ports, and auxiliary port, and a built-in 6600 mAh battery. What a clean way to get tunes and phone charging in the mix without extra clutter. (more…)

Catalyst Impact Protection Case

For the first time in quite a while I have stopped looking for a new iPhone X case. I have tried just about all styles from super cheap cases to expensive cases, Apple branded cases and everything in between. Some were, unsurprisingly, better than others but none better than my latest case – the Catalyst Impact Protection Case for iPhone (X, XS, XR, XS Max). Read on for a quick review. (more…)

My two main gripes about RC drones are around battery life and wireless range. Even the new DJI’s with all of their improvements in battery life and range, still have me wrapping up flights in under 30 minutes. If the tech keeps improving I may not have to wait too much longer. Fingers crossed.

Or… I could buy a Parrot DISCO today – swap out some batteries and mod the wireless signal to work over the 4G LTE cellular network. That means, flight times over an hour with range only limited by battery life and cellular signals. The mod is from UAVPAL and can be found here.

The leaks and rumors were pretty accurate this year. Apple launched a handful of new phones packed with new technology and some new colors. Oh, and some awful naming conventions (XS, XR, and XS Max). They also launched the Series 4 Watch with a 35% larger screen while both the 40 and 44mm are thinner. The backs of the watches are a thing of beauty and are made of sapphire crystal and black ceramic. Apple has also managed to add much more information (complications) the the face of the screen. The Series 4 Watch has doubled down on health...

Tired of the bigger is better trend happening with smart phones? Tired of smart phones of any size? Time for one of the world’s smallest cell phones that you can even wear on your head like an old bluetooth device. This tiny phone ($19) is just 2.44 inches tall and does most things a cell phone should do; it has voicemail, call record, mp4 player, bluetooth dialing, and comes unlocked. If nothing else, this would make a good backup phone for traveling...

A protective iPhone case with 10 pre-installed nostalgic games that looks like a Gameboy. Yep, I’m interested. The Wanle Gamers Console Case for iPhone ($25) is retro-cool and includes Tetris, Snake & Block, Formula One Racing, and more. Available in iPhone...

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp Wireless QI Charger TT-DL031 Charging Pad

Been difficult to find things worth writing about lately. Most of the gadgets are boring or ridiculous. This TT-DL031 TaoTronics LED Lamp ($49) comes with a built-in Qi wireless phone charging pad. Perfect double duty and less clutter and cordage running across your desk. The TT-DL031 happens to be good at both of its jobs, lighting and charging. On the lighting front, it lets users pick between 6 brightness levels and 5 color temperatures (from 2800 to 6500k). The illumination head can rotate 270-degrees and the arm can move 180-degrees. The base of the lamp has a nice spot for charging your Qi enabled phones and an additional USB port for your non-wireless devices. No motion of the wireless charging speed with this one. There is also a less expensive model, the TT-DL036, which charges at 10W. (more…)

Looking for a good wireless QI-certified charger for your iPhone 8/8 Plus, or X? Look no further. The Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand ($22) is a well reviewed and versatile charger. It comes with everything you need to get going minus the actual wall-wart charger (use one you have kicking around). No more dealing with cables and cases that hamper charging. Just put your device on the Anker PowerPort and it begins to charge like magic. You can set your phone...

AKA – Why I like Apple and have an iPhone. Any government that has overstepped their bounds and openly spy on their citizens sucks, plain and simple. Our once great country has started sucking in many ways, too many to list here.  There are more countries that are worse, but it is still a tough pill to swallow for me. Apple makes it tougher for such governments to spy on iPhone users by encrypting data on phones, not allowing access to warrantless government overreaches, and encrypting iOS-to-iOS messaging (iMessage). Don’t...

Wireless LED Endoscope Snake Light Camera 1

Before you swipe on by and ignore this little gadget, think of all of the times you could have used something like this in the past. Ever lost something in the drain, had to look in a tight spot that like an engine, ever wondered how clean or dirty your clothes dryer vent is…? There are a ton of uses for this inexpensive wireless LED endoscope.

For just $20-$30 you can have your very own 720p camera with built-in LED lighting at the end of a 5-meter semi-rigid cable. I know, it doesn’t sound that exciting… until you need just this tool (and don’t have it). In my best infomercial voice “but wait… there’s more… if you order now you also get the following attachments… a hook, a magnet, and an angled mirror!”.

The wireless endoscope works with iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. (more…)