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My two main gripes about RC drones are around battery life and wireless range. Even the new DJI’s with all of their improvements in battery life and range, still have me wrapping up flights in under 30 minutes. If the tech keeps improving I may not have to wait too much longer. Fingers crossed.

Or… I could buy a Parrot DISCO today – swap out some batteries and mod the wireless signal to work over the 4G LTE cellular network. That means, flight times over an hour with range only limited by battery life and cellular signals. The mod is from UAVPAL and can be found here.

The leaks and rumors were pretty accurate this year. Apple launched a handful of new phones packed with new technology and some new colors. Oh, and some awful naming conventions (XS, XR, and XS Max). They also launched the Series 4 Watch with a 35% larger screen while both the 40 and 44mm are thinner. The backs of the watches are a thing of beauty and are made of sapphire crystal and black ceramic. Apple has also managed to add much more information (complications) the the face of the screen. The Series 4 Watch has doubled down on health...

Impossible US-1 Drone Clear

Impossible Aerospace claims they have a drone hitting the market in Q4 of 2018 with a two hour flight time. The main structure of the US-1 is full of batteries which is why they have longer than average flight times.

The Impossible US-1 ($7,500 for basic and $9,500 for thermal) comes in a few flavors. Most of the differences are around the camera type (FLIR).

Flight details and telemetry are still unknown but we do have some specs. Details after the break.  (more…)

Spry Waterproof Drone and Remote Control

As much as I love the DJI drones  , they still aren’t waterproof, they don’t float, and they certainly can’t submerge and survive. I have lost two DJI quads to the water and believe me, the feeling sucks.

Spry Submersible Drone

Well this KickStarter team hopes to solve a few of these problems with their orange drone, Spry. Spry flies, floats, and can even submerge. Everything on the drone is waterproof including the remote control. Water performance won’t be great (wireless signals don’t do well in water) but the drone is pretty quick in the air at 43 mph. The camera is 4k at 30 fps and stills are snapped at 12 megapixels.

Other Spry drone features include; Hold Position, Auto Follow, Object Orbit and Return to Pilot’s Position. Check it out at KickStarter. More pictures and video after the break. (more…)

DJI Mavic 2 ProDJI has done it again. They just released two new drones, the Mavic 2 Pro ($1,449) and Mavic 2 Zoom ($1,249). Some of the technology is the same, and some is massively improved.

The Mavic 2 Pro comes with a Hasselblad camera, 1″ CMOS Sensor, adjustable aperture, 10-bit Dlog-M, 10-bit HDR video, and hyperlapse (time lapse shots). Long story short, a badass camera.

Both new Mavic 2 drones have longer flight times (up to 31 minutes), a longer range (up to 8km), full omnidirectional obstacle sensing (about time!), ActiveTrack 2.0, and more.

Damn you DJI. Just when I think the competition is catching up your technology takes another leap forward. My credit card number is _ _ _ _…

Video of the Mavic 2 in action after the break. (more…)

Just like cameras, the best drone is the one you have with you. Most of them tend to be sitting at home due to the lack of portability. While DJI has made strides with their Spark, the controller is another item you have to lug around. While I am pretty confident that if I could fast forward a few more years the technology will be better, smaller, and cheaper. For now we have just a few high quality smaller options. The latest GDU quadcopter, the

The Apple computer of easy to fly quadcopters, DJI,  is planning on releasing this new drone copter On 1/23/18 but somehow it snuck out a day early. Again, just like Apple. Wink wink. This little guy looks like a hybrid between a Mavic Pro and a Spark and is named the Mavic Air. Specs for the DJI Mavic Air include a 32-megapixel camera, a 3-way gimbal, 4k video capture, and a panorama mode. Gesture control and obstacle avoidance are still included. Flight time is expected to be about 21-mintues and comes in black, red, and white. A...

I am a big fan of Apple Maps now that they have gotten better and don’t send me on wild goose chases. With that said, I often find myself using the Waze app when going on longer trips or when I may be driving a bit faster than the speed limit. For those of you not familiar with the Waze app, it uses crowd sourced data to update you of a where the cops are hiding (and other things as well). Pretty cool app. The Escort Max 360C ($700) might just be...

Drones, and DJI specifically, have come a long way in the last few years. Flight distances, telemetry, obstacle avoidance, silky smooth gimbals, high quality cameras, and size reduction are just a few of the areas that have improved massively. DJI has just addressed two more issues in an effort to perfect the quadcopter with their latest DJI Mavic Pro Platinum. The Mavic Pro Platinum has an 11% gain in flight time (30 minutes) and a 60% reduction in noise (4dB less). The

This chubby little robotic fish is the world’s first bionic wireless underwater drone. This fish drone is named BIKI and it has a 4k camera, a wireless controller, a Smartphone app for control, and a battery life of up to 150 minutes. The BIKI isn’t going to complete an deep sea missions but it can dive to 196 feet and will even come to the surface when its battery is running low. Currently the BIKI Fish Drone is living on Kickstarter with an estimated price of