Posted on Feb 21 2008 - 1:24pm by L.

  Looking for a truly unique gift for that special someone? This isn’t it… Looking for a gift for a prude or uptight friend, parent, in-law, kids kindergarten teacher, or a towns priest? You can do no wrong picking from this lineup.

Posted on Feb 21 2008 - 11:38am by Russ

 Unfortunately this product is not a reality just yet, at this point it is just a concept.  I think this type of frame would be a cult classic considering Polaroid recently

Posted on Feb 21 2008 - 9:32am by Craig

Did you just take a beat down? Did it leave a mark or maybe even a cut on your face. Great news – not only can you turn that bastard in for abuse but you can still look hot with Blinged out bandages! This article is in no way sexist… we just happened to have a woman’s picture…. my boyfriend beats me all of the time. {Via

“Not actual size” The FDA has ruled that the PillCam Colon (I am not making that name up) by Given Imaging is “not substantially equivalent”...

  This is straight from Russia, a purely “practical” item – the invisible top.  From the article “This magical invisible top has a rare quality of keeping you warm, but it’s so thin you will forget its there.  You will feel unparalleled comfort of its cotton...

Posted on Feb 21 2008 - 4:16am by Russ

Sorry for taking the easy road with this one. But this South Korean ad for the Olympus E-3 is super-duper. Gotta love the three guys sitting on the bench… looks as if they...

Posted on Feb 20 2008 - 9:23pm by L.

“Ok bob, try not to look like a tool.”   How would you like to lose 80% of your weight in seconds and run like an Olympic champion? That’s part of the sales pitch for this funky

Posted on Feb 20 2008 - 5:40pm by Russ

What do you get the fisherman who has everything?  A fish finder watch of course!  This is the coolest product I have seen in a long while.  Imagine the possibilities! ...

For that metrosexual friend who has everything, Ariete introduces the Steakhouse Grill. Its electric, its chrome, its a conversation piece, and its targeted at people who never grilled in their life (Somebody call

Nintendo is on fire! After hitting record sales for 2007, do they rest on their laurels? Nope, Nintendo announces that they will be shipping the Wii Fit, a new exercise game. The product will come with a weight-and-motion sensing platform called the Wii...