Cheeseburger in a can… WTF?

Posted on Jan 29 2008 - 5:16pm by Gadget King

This is a tough one to categorize! The biggest letters on the can should be something to the effect of, “Object in can may look different than actual product”. The title on the can is – Trekking Mahlzeiten – which translates to trekking meals. Do you think diarrhea on a trek is a good idea?

Rest assured we are trying to get our hands on one of these burgers for an un-canning and taste test. Too many questions come to mind.

Cheeseburger In A Can

“Why would you put a cheeseburger in a can?”

“Almost $6 US (4 Euros) Dollars for a canned cheeseburger?”

“Who funded this idea? Sounds like a stock to short!”

“Can’t they at least try to use an accurate picture?”

If anyone gets their hands on one of these tasty delights… please send us pictures!

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