Best Smoke Bomb hands down!

Posted on Feb 2 2008 - 1:42am by Gadget King

I love playing with smoke bombs. Not really sure what caused this addiction, but it is very real. I have tried just about every type of smoke bomb available from the ones you buy at firework stands to the ones you mail order that look like sticks of dynamite. In hunting for the best smoke I have even bought units made to smoke gophers out of their homes. They all seem to whimper out after less than 30 seconds leaving me disappointed with yet another wasted dollar. My search is finally over… I have found the perfect smoke bomb!


A site, oddly enough, named Keep Shooting (yikes :)) has smoke signals that put out a strong stream of smoke for over 4 minutes. Watch the video… ours lasted for about 5 minutes! A bit boring… but shows you how long these things go. Keep in mind we were filming on a windy day. Usually the entire area would be full of smoke. They cost $11.66 per unit or $139.95 for 12. Give them a try… and trust me they are worth the money.

Unfortunately they just ran out of stock but they typically get more. So check back often.

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  1. George Reid May 30, 2008 at 12:02 am -

    where can i purchase these smoke bombs?

  2. Gadget King May 30, 2008 at 7:38 am -

    George – looks like they are still having stock issues on this particular unit. They have some ALS models but they are not nearly as good in my opinion… and they cost more.

    Here is the link – keep checking –

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