Personal Oxygen Bar Kit

Posted on Mar 19 2008 - 8:22am by Russ


O2 Innovations has popped out a product that I would file under the “goofy” category if I had that category to choose from. Your own personal oxygen bar kit, which includes a headset, “bee happy” aromatherapy, 5 nose hoses, storage cover, extra filters, relaxation cd set, etc… And get this the unit weighs ONLY 15 pounds!

Here are some features if you have $659 to burn on scented air.

  • Weighs only 15 pounds, has a built in handle and only requires a standard 110v electrical outlet for use
  • Breathe clean, fresh oxygen-enriched air anytime – anywhere with our state-of-the-art headset (with or without aromatherapy) or our nose hose
  • Increases energy, stamina, concentration and alertness, promotes relaxation and eases headaches, hangovers and benefits smokers
  • Rejuvenates athletes, especially while training in higher elevations (lessens the effects of altitude sickness)
  • Promotes wellness in polluted city environments; revitalizes airline travelers & enhances sexual energy


Come on! This is too much goofiness for me (unless the manufacturer wants to send me a sample to prove otherwise, I know, shameless). I have been in a couple of bars in my life (the ones that serve booze) and once in a while they have a “trendy” little oxygen bar tucked neatly in some dark corner. The Oxygen bar is usually dressed in bright colors and smells like strawberry, coconut, etc… And I can never resist chuckling at the dorks with the colored tubes stuck in their noses. Are you really worried about your health, or the supposed benefits of breathing this scented oxygen while you are out getting smashed at a bar?!

Good luck with this product O2 Innovations, I think you may need it.

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  1. drako0002 March 19, 2008 at 4:21 pm -

    hahah hahahaha

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