Atari Copies Wii Fit With Their Own Floor Mat Game – Family Trainer

Posted on May 14 2008 - 1:06pm by Russ

Atari Family Trainer

It looks like Atari is doing the “if you can’t beat them… copy them” routine with their Atari Family Trainer.  The Family Trainer is just like the Wii Fit in that it uses a Power Pad type floor mat controller to get your fanny off the couch and exercising.


“That’ll apparently let you run and jump your way through more than a dozen mini-games designed to get your heart rate going, including log jumping, rope skipping and water rafting, each of which also make use of the Wiimote for some upper-body action. No word on a price just yet, but it’ll apparently be landing in Europe first this September before it (presumably) makes its way over here.”

[Via Engadget]

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