XOXO Laptop – Hot OLPC Vaporware

Posted on Jun 13 2008 - 9:48am by L.

XOXO Laptop

More stunning pictures and empty promises from the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) folks. Poor kids from Africa who can’t get shelter or food will “soon” be sporting these iPod/NintendoDS inspired computers designed by industrial designer Yves Béhar. The concept shots are stunning, against the austere white background and impeccable white clothing of the children… the XOXO laptops simply glow with aesthetic and technological uberness. Just out of curiosity, what part of Africa was this shot in – the impeccable dust-free white halls of Kenya or Darfur? OLPC is promising a $75 laptop by the year 2010. I am sorry, but is that in USD? Perhaps the value of the dollar is expected to skyrocket by 2010 to make this pipe-dream a reality… The reality of OLPC project has been filled with lawsuits, squabbles, patent thefts, plus ongoing idea cannibalization for other more profitable ventures, all under the guise of doing things “for the children”. By the way, one of the lawsuits originated from Nigeria of all places! Did the creators of the XO forget to include 419 scam and other email scam templates for their Nigerian clients?!

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