Fat Guy Shirts

Posted on Sep 15 2008 - 9:31am by Russ

Fat Guy Shirts

Let me start off by saying… I like shirts that point out the obvious.  (You know… big boob girls wearing shirts that say stuff like “what are you looking at” right across the boobs… you get the idea) And on that note… why do we have to ignore the fact that some people are just too fat…. and we have to be all PC about it.  For example, I just had a flight from Seattle to Oakland (only about two hours) and it was rough!  I had a young mother with a 1 year old baby on my left, and a super fat dude on my right.  No exaggeration here… he took up his entire seat and about 1/2 of mine.  I was intimately embedded into his sweaty arm pit.  Needless to say it was a rough flight and when I got home I took an equally long shower to remove his DNA from my right shoulder.

Oh, back to the shirts… for $18-$29 you can get your fat friend a phat shirt here.


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