Professional UV Leak Detector Kit

Posted on Dec 4 2008 - 9:19am by gchoe


Ever had an oil  or coolant leak on your car and couldn’t tell exactly where it was coming from?  Assuming you are relatively handy and don’t take your car in to the shop for every tiny thing… this may be the tool for you.  The Mastercool professional UV leak detector kit will allow you to add a UV dye to your oil or coolant… and then hunt the leak down with a 50-watt UV light.  Or you could just use it for spy purposes… and mark your belongings for later detection.

Pretty cheap for all you get… less than $48 here.

Kit includes:

• 12 Volt/50 Watt UV Leak Detector.
• 1 Ounce Coolant Dye
• 1 Ounce Oil/ATF/Fuel Dye
• Mini Dye Injector (10 Applications of Universal A/C Dye) which is compatible with R134a and R12 systems
• Dye Remover
• R12 Adapter
• UV Enhancing Safety Glasses
• A/C Connection hose with R134a Coupler
• 12 Service Labels

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