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Posted on Mar 4 2009 - 12:34pm by Craig

iphone Kindle

Amazon’s new iPhone Kindle application is now available as a free download to your iPhone.  The Kindle ap gives you access to over 240,000 titles from Amazon’s library.  Nice addition to your Kindle2 if you are on the road.  The application uses “whispersync” to match the page to where you left off with your Kindle.

Most of the Kindle features are all there, including text sizing, table of contents, and an unexpected enhancement not on the Kindle itself: a spot of color here and there. The app stops short of showing you the book’s cover in color, though, perhaps in a reluctance to upstage the black-and-white Kindle itself.

This iPhone app not only enhances the Kindle, it might encourage more people to buy the E Ink reader with its much longer battery life, bigger screen and wireless book purchasing. Oh yeah, you can’t buy books directly from Kindle for iPhone — you’ll need to use the iPhone’s Mobile Safari or a Mac or PC and then transfer the e-book over to Kindle for iPhone.


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