Omron Body Fat Monitor And Scale

Posted on Mar 9 2009 - 8:55am by Russ

HBF-500 body fat scale

Winter is over, no need to store fat anymore.  The best way to lose weight, and more importantly fat, is to measure where you are at currently… and go from there.  Measuring your body fat percentage is usually done by an embarrassing pinch test, unless you have the Omron HBF-500.  The HBF-500 is both a scale and a body fat monitor and can be had for about $72.

Calculates visceral fat, resting metabolism and skeletal muscle mass levels all which are helpful indicators when determining your calorie intake and exercise levels. Displays body fat percentage, weight and BMI to help you fine tune your weight loss. Uses full body sensing technology hand grip and foot electrodes to facilitate a highly accurate reading. Stores personalized information for up to four people. Built-in memory lets you track your progress along the way. Unique pull-up handlebar display screen. 330lb. capacity. Age: 18 +; Height: 3"4 " 6"6. Uses four AA batteries.

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  1. Frappus March 9, 2009 at 10:01 am -

    I think to achieve maximum results all weight scales and body fat measuring devices need to have profane sound clips shouted at people getting on, preferably recorded by Gilbert Gottfried.

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