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Posted on Apr 27 2009 - 7:44am by Craig

Booty 911 butt pimple cream

Not much need to write anything here… Catherine Hickland (movie star?) owner and creator of Cat Cosmetics has done it for me.  All I can say is… yuck. (Sorry… this isn’t actually a gadget)

“No one ever talks about butt zits. Most of us have them! Come on, you know who you are!!!! It’s OK, the majority of folks in this world experience the ultra-taboo booty pimple once in a while but until now, it has never been talked about nor has there been a product on the market dedicated solely to your ass!!!! Booty 911 will take care of your rough, scaly, pimple ridden skin on your butt with its powerful mixture of 15% glycolic and lavender! Booty 911 is so effective that if you use it twice a day, you will see results within a week or so! Glycolic acid aids in cellular turnover and rids your butt of all the dead skin cells that can cause your fanny to breakout! The lavender is also an antiseptic which keeps your skin healthy and bacteria free!
Even though Booty 911 is amazing for your bum, you will soon discover that it is equally effective on the back of your arms, your thighs, your back, anywhere you have rough skin, hence, dead skin cells. Remember, if you end up using it on your face (hint, hint), make sure you use a moisturizer over it so it doesn’t cause excessive dryness. If you discover (hint, hint) that when you wake up in the morning after using Booty 911 on your face and you are glowing, work it into your regimen by using it twice a week the first week and only at night since glycolic makes your skin sensitive to the sun.”

[Thanks KSU]

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  1. OJay April 27, 2009 at 7:53 am -

    Cool random article for monday morning, thanks GK! Catherine Hickland is a creepy has-been cougar that probably paid to have this stuff developed to fight the genital warts she picked up sometimes during her tenure as the designated butt fluff on shows like Knight Rider, CHiPS, and Airwolf. Zing!

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