PermaFLOW Self Clearing Sink Pipe

Posted on May 4 2009 - 1:32pm by Russ

PermaFLOW self clearing sink pipe

It is only a matter of time before sink drains start draining slower, and slower.  Until now, the solution usually meant harsh chemicals or drain snaking.  Enter the PermaFLOW clear plastic sink pipe.  If, or I should say when, your sink drain gets clogged and slows down… just turn the knob and the clog is cleared.

Yours for only $30 – will pay for itself in no time!

See some amazing videos, and specs after the break.

  • Safe, environment friendly – PermaFLOW drain safely ends the need for hazardous drain-cleaning chemicals and the associated personal safety and environmental issues
  • Saves money – unlike the common P-trap, PermaFLOW Drain prevents clog build-up and eliminates the cumbersome work of "clean-out" traps as well as the need for secondary maintenance products
  • Reduces downtime – PermaFLOW Drain is transparent for quick diagnosis of potential problems. The dial can be turned to rotate an internal wiper to remove any build-up.
  • Assists with easy retrieval of items ¿ accidentally dropped items (jewelry, toys, coffee stirs etc) can be easily seen and removed.  The dial helps retrieve accidentally dropped jewelry through the sink from the nine o’clock wiper position.
  • Supports water conservation – PermaFLOW Drain facilitates efficient removal of stagnant debris in the trap area. Since these chemicals are no longer required, gray water pollution is reduced and it is available for recycling.



“PermaFLOW Never Clog Drain prevents clogs and is engineered to help easily remove the drain buildup before it develops into a clog eliminating the need for secondary maintenance products and procedures such as plunging, dangerous drain cleaners, messy drain disassembly, associated health, safety and environmental concerns. PermaFLOW Self Cleaning Drain’s unique shape increases turbulence to minimize routine buildup preventing the drain from becoming blocked. For heavy use, the PermaFLOW Drain has a patented, easy-turn wiper that acts as an in-line drain cleaner and clears the clog. This new Green by Design 4 in 1 multifunctional home improvement fixture provides a commonsense tool to reduce the time, effort and money needed for maintenance. PermaFLOW Drain adapts to standard size drainage system in kitchen and bath sinks (1-1/2-Inch) and easily replaces new or existing p-traps while offering several unique benefits. PermaFLOW Drain has won several leading industry testimonials. Opening the drain is no longer necessary reducing the hazards of exposure to sewer gases. Turning the dial to the three o’clock wiper position provides an emergency bypass option for water flow through the upper chamber, thereby reducing downtime.”

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