Electric Waverunner

Posted on May 26 2009 - 8:29am by gchoe

Eco Watercraft Electric Waverunner

Here at GadgetKing.com we are a tad crazy about alternative energy gadgets, and are eagerly awaiting our demo unit from ECO Watercraft (ECO Watercraft� I hope you are reading this).

Similar to the electric motorcycles we have shown you in the past the guys behind the ECO jetski are attempting to make pollution free motoring fun.  You can zip along quietly at about 50MPH!

EcoWatercraft is on a mission to reduce emissions. It is our goal to develop a customer base built solely on technological advancements and customer satisfaction. We will provide the most customer oriented experience in the personal watercraft industry.

EcoWatercraft will be the first American personal watercraft corporation. Additionally, we will be the first all electric personal watercraft manufacturer. We will employ Americans to build our ECO�s in a facility that is 100% powered from renewable sources of energy.

EcoWatercraft will host workshops and educational presentations to highlight the need for a sustainable �green� world and economy. We believe by following these methods we will inspire a need for change and build a company that will transcend the future of watercraft.

Check out the videos of the ECO Jetski after the break.


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