Hands Free Toilet Flusher – Foot Pedal Toilet Flush Adapter

Posted on Jul 7 2009 - 12:08pm by Russ

EZ Toilet Flusher

I hate touching the toilet… can’t stand the thought of what the guy/gal before me did to it before me.  Yuck.  A slightly more mainstream, and super cheap, alternative to the Lego toilet flushing robot is the EZ Toilet Flusher.

Hands Free Toilet Flusher with Foot Flush Adapter Toilet Flush Handsfree Foot Flush is a hands-free, sanitary, toilet flushing system – just step & flush! Don’t spread household germs. Simply touch the foot pedal to flush! Fits any standard toilet. Installs in minutes! Foot Flush toilet is perfect for seniors or people with limited mobility, families potty training their children and anyone who is adverse to germs. Foot Flush toilet accessory is made of ABS plastic and is strong and durable. Foot flush toilet assist has been tested to over 900,000 flushes and is still going strong. The toilet attachment comes with a non-slip rubber pad and can be positioned on either side of the toilet. The toilet flush is a lightweight product and lifts off the floor easily for cleaning. No special cleaning instructions neededi -it just wipes clean. The Foot toilet flush assist is an easy to install, retro-fit foot pedal designed for standard toilets. Set up is a snap! Toilet flush does not require any additional components and comes with everything you need. Toilet flush is great for bad back pain, limited mobility, potty training and getting kids to flush. Foot Flush won the gold medal at the 2004 INPEX Invention show and was chosen by the US Patent Office and Inventors Hall of Fame as one of the top 5% of new products offered. At the 2006 KBIS (Kitchen & Bath) Show Foot Flush toilet retrofit was selected as one of the Top 16 Items

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  1. Kim July 8, 2009 at 6:03 am -

    This Hands Free Toilet Flusher – Foot Pedal Toilet Flush Adapter is a pretty good idea, but, I have an even BETTER idea that I would love to pitch to a company similar to the manufacturer of this invention. My idea would compliment this invention or be a completely stand alone idea that would be a huge financial windfall for any investor. My question is, how do I reveal my idea and still be financially compensated for it? How can I protect my intellectual rights to my invention? If you can help me, or if you can put me in touch with the right contacts, please let me know ASAP. The world is ready for my new, unique, creative and sanitary invention.

  2. robert March 14, 2011 at 8:39 pm -

    where can i go to get that ez toilet flusher for the foot pedal im in las vegas nevada and in real need of one my grandma has arthritis and has a hard time pushing the handle to flush the toilet ,,,,PLEASE HELP ME ,,,,i need like 2 weeks ago——-just tell me where to go get one here in las vegas ,,,thank i will be checking my e-mail every day like 20 times a day till you let me know where i have to go

    Thank you very much
    Robert Eppley

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