ChaserCam Sports Camera Automatically Tracks It’s Target

Posted on Jul 9 2009 - 11:27am by Gadget King

ChaserCam Tracking Camera

Not quite on the level of chwarzenegger or Optimus Prime, but it’s getting there. The Chasercam intelligent sports-camera comes basically in two parts: the camera (with base), and the sensor target. When activated, the camera turns on it’s base and up and down, seeking in all directions the sensor target. What you do is stick one to the person doing the tricks, and one to the person who is chasing the person doing the tricks. Total coverage!

Gotta strive for total coverage. You can’t exactly do that too well with the head-cams of today, where whenever you, the film person, have to watch where YOU are going on your own bike, or skateboard, or snowboard, etc. – you’ll be crashin! Now you haven’t got to worry about that!

With the camera base sitting on top of your head, the camera seeks automatically – and in a steady manner – the target. The target, safely attached to the athlete, is a sure shot for where the action is.


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