Verizon MiFi Data Plans Suck

Posted on Jul 15 2009 - 1:59pm by gchoe

Verizon MiFi

The Verizon Mobile Broadband Intelligent Mobile Hotspot AKA the MiFi (same as the Sprint MiFi Hot Spot) is a great product.  The sad part is the data plan that comes with the Verizon (and Sprint) MiFi sucks.  There are only two options (listed below) and the max data you can use before grabbing your ankles is 5GB (then you start paying by the MB which can get expensive).

Mobile Broadband (NationalAccess service included)

Monthly Fee >      $39.99     or     $59.99

Monthly Data >     250MB     or     5GB (5120MB)

Per MB overage> $0.10     or     $0.05

Shame on you Verizon and Sprint.  I will not be a customer as long as this type of pricing exists,  unlimited or forgetaboutit.

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