Convert Your Peephole To A Digital Peephole

Posted on Oct 5 2009 - 1:58pm by V Ramos

Brinno Digital Peephole

The main flaw with the good old fashioned peephole is that people can tell when you are looking through it… because all of a sudden it goes dark (from the outside) when you stick your eye up to the peephole.  And… let’s not forget that people can easily reverse the standard peephole and look into your house (or in Erin Andrews case, the hotel room).

So, think about those things before thinking that $138 is too much for a digital LCD peephole gadget.  The Brinno Digital Peephole basically fits over the hole left behind from your old peephole and displays what is on the other side of the door on a LCD screen.  The company says you will get 1,700 10 second digital peeps on the two AA batteries.

Video after the break shows just how easy this thing is to install.

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