Remote Controlled Bowling Ball

Posted on Nov 11 2009 - 9:04am by V Ramos

Remote Control Bowling Ball

As much as I like to make fun of the sport of bowling, I actually enjoy it.  I have a pretty good handle on the game, I get my stinky shoes, a neon colored ball, 2 pitchers of warm beer, and then the fun begins.  The only thing missing from my bowling game are the strikes.

Things are about to change on my next bowling excursion with the RC900 Remote Control Bowling Ball.  The first ever remote control bowling ball! No more gutter balls or blisters on your hands. The RC-900 uses a battery powered remote control to guide the ball down the lane. This ball even has flashing lights on the inside adding to the fun while the ball is rolling down the lane!
Perfect for birthday parties, glow-in-the-dark bowling, or for anyone looking to have a fun experience!

(Q) What more can you tell me about the rechargeable battery in the remote control ball and the charger?
(A) The battery is a NiMH (nickel metal hybrid) and not a NiCD (nickel Cadmiun). NiMH has the advantage of being lighter and environmentally friendly (do not need to recycle like NiCD). Plus, you do not have to run the battery all the way down before recharging. In other words, NiHM batteries do not have memory. So they can be charged at any time and not reduce the running time. It is recommended to keep the remote ball connected to the charger whenever it is not in use.
The remote control ball comes with a smart charger. The number one cause for premature battery failure is overcharging. This can be a problem with a charger which operates for a specific time period. Therefore, using a different charger can void the warranty. The smart charger comes with a microprocessor which detects when a NIMH battery is fully charged and stops charging (or reduces to a "trickle" charge). This circuitry is more expensive. This charger works on 120V/ 240V and is designed for worldwide use. It can charge at the rate of 1 or 2 amps. Running the charger at 2 amps will charge the battery faster and not harm the battery.

(Q) What is the ball color?
(A) The ball is a translucent green with lights within the shell that flash when the mechanism moves back and forth.

(Q) What is the ball weight?
(A) The RC-900 weighs 14 LBS.

(Q) How is the RC-900 best used?
(A) The RC-900 works best when rolled down a ramp. It has two finger holes as well, allowing it to be thrown like a regular bowling ball. We find that the ramp works better by allowing for an easier transition between release of the ball and use of the hand-held remote unit.

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