How To Use Windows GodMode

Posted on Jan 4 2010 - 4:42pm by L.

Windows GodMode

This is a quick how-to on Windows GodMode (or God Mode) for Windows 7 and Windows Vista (32-bit).  For those of you new to GodMode for Windows, it is a very cool trick to get all of your operating systems control panels in a single magic folder.

Read on for details of how to use this sweet feature.

When you create this new GodMode folder in Windows 7 or Windows Vista (32-bit) you will have a very clean single page to manage everything from hard-drive partitions to network settings to mouse settings.

To get the GodMode up and working, create a new folder (anywhere you like, I prefer the desktop) and name it exactly as listed below;


Once you have created the folder it will change to an icon looking like a control panel and will contain tons of controls/options for you to tweak.  Enjoy.

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