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Posted on Feb 2 2010 - 10:49am by Robby S.


At first I thought this bike and website was a joke, some of the bullet points for the bike say things like, "shape shifting frame", "7-speeds Ceramic-Kevlar Clutch", "Kevlar Body", "Double Wishbone Suspension", etc,  Not to mention the bike is a bit fugly.  The whole thing seems to be a crazy dream of someone with a lot of time on their hands, the engine choices alone seem impossible.  Read on for more of the insanity.

"Some want larger, some want smaller.

The military and many Europeans want Diesel.

Many Americans love the Hemi.

A lot of the youger riders like the idea of a fully electric bike.

They are made with Cobalt Tungsten super-alloy

just as is used in Jet Turbines

so the engines should last many times longer when abused.

On the electric forefront

we are working with the leading experts in the industry

to create an electric bike that can go all day on a single charge.

That way it is a viable tool for long distance riding.

With a bike that lasts this long, you should have it exactly the way you want

…. so we offer up to 112 custom options.

Panther    750 – 1000 cc   (Super-alloy engines in regular, Hemi, Turbo-Hemi or Turbo Diesel)

Cub 350, 500, 750 cc   (Simpler, less expensive, introductory level)


SUGGESTION …. Select the basics like color, engine etc.

                             Start out simple; you can always add on later.

                             This bike is yours for decades, so take your time.


ELECTRIC  MODELS   (designed by you) …. call or email for details

Same as the "Custom Models" listed above,  but all-electric Lithium-Ion versions.

( Although bikes have "Regenerative Braking" , aggressive stop-n-go riding does effect distance. )

Panther  480-E 480 miles  ….  8 hrs @ 60 mph on one $3.36 USD charge-up  (28 kwh).

Panther  360-E 360 miles  ….  6 hrs @ 60 mph on one $2.52 USD charge-up  (21 kwh).

Panther  240-E 240 miles  ….  4 hrs @ 60 mph on one $1.68 USD charge-up  (14 kwh).

Cub  240-E 240 miles  ….  4 hrs @ 60 mph on one $1.68 USD charge-up  (14 kwh).

Cub  120-E 120 miles  ….  2 hrs @ 60 mph on one $0.84 USD charge-up  (7 kwh).

RACING  MODELS   (designed by us) …. call or email for details

This is where we stretch our wings and fine-tune our future.

The things we learn here will be reflected in all of our bikes.

Track   (Turbo-Hemi)

Baja      (Turbo-Diesel)


SPECIAL MODELS   (not for civilian use) …. call or email private details

Police                  …. Roads or across parks, go anywhere trouble takes you …. quickly.

Military                 …. Goat paths or open desert, wherever the battle takes you …. and back.

Fire                        …. It can even limp home without oil in it, so you are never stuck in harm’s way.

Park Service …. Deep Woods, Desert, Dirt road, Trails or Hi-ways all within easy reach.

Medical …. When a disaster strikes, helicopters, cars and trucks are often delayed, but this bike can get in right away, and 2 hooked together can cart out the wounded."

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  1. Trish February 2, 2010 at 6:16 pm -

    I think it is lovely.
    They say it will have 5 tank designs
    so you can design whatever you think is less “fugly”.

    Sure beats the plastic fall apart crap from Asia.
    I’m reading it has tons of great technology.
    Maybe you should use your thinking skills.
    Really well thought out.

  2. Alt-Oids February 4, 2010 at 8:16 am -

    Trish – there is no way this bike will ever be a reality. It is a crazy mans dream. Read the text on the site – pure crazy. By the way I am sure Trish is related to this dream in some way.


  3. Trish June 20, 2010 at 2:22 pm -

    To “Alt-Oids”

    You talk in conclusions and fail to mention any reasons to back up your conclusions.
    When you just spout conclusions without using you brain, it makes you sound silly.
    If you think the bike is “crazy”, explain.

    Do you not like Kevlar bodywork ? Would you prefer crispy little plastic parts ?

    Do you not like a ceramic-kevlar clutch, maybe the old steel and fiber is better ?

    Maybe finally having a double-wishbone bike is crazy to you.
    It s so much nicer to have the front end dive you over the bars isn’t it ?

    A diesel in a bike might seem crazy to some.
    How about a Hemi ? …. Hemi bad ?

    I Ride a BMW, maybe you think that is “fugly” too.

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