Impressioner – Key Copier Gadget

Posted on Feb 5 2010 - 11:24am by Gadget King

Impressioner car key copier

"Locksmiths and tech-aware thieves are going to have a field day with the Electronic Key Impressioner, capable of gathering the data needed to make a perfect copy of a car key. Insert the device into a lock, and it records what it sees. Take the device back to your computer and plug it in via USB, and the included software can determine the key code from the position of the lock’s tumblers. Key cutting machines use these codes to create new keys, so if you have such a machine, once that code is established, it’s a snap to crank out a perfect duplicate.

So far, the system only works on Fords, but inventor Steve Randall plans to expand its capabilities to many more makes and models. Randall’s even thought of what to do if this dangerous device gets into the wrong hands: Each time you use the software, it checks with the mother ship to update the latest key codes, and if you’re using an unauthorized unit, it can be bricked remotely. Even so, if this thing actually works, it’ll still be too easy to make and sell unauthorized keys on a grand scale."


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