Get In Shape Playing The Wii With Wii Dumbbells

Posted on Feb 22 2010 - 8:48am by Russ

Wii Riiflex Dumbells

Wii Fit nuts who want to add some cardio/weight training to their Wii gaming/workouts should check out the Riiflex Dumbbells.  The Wii dumbbells slide over the Wii-mote and Nunchuk controller adding a full 2 pounds for each hand.

The Riiflex Wii Dumbbells are made from strong polycarbonate with a soft rubber cover (for better grip) so that you don't end up throwing your heavier Wii controller through the TV.

The 2-pound Riiflex Wii dumbbells are available now for $29.99 here.  Riiflex plans on releasing a 4 pound set in the future.

The company also has plans to release 4-pound (1.8kg) dumbbells at some point in the future so you better get into training now.

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