Bodum Ottoni Water Kettle Review

Posted on Mar 1 2010 - 3:51am by gchoe

Bodum Ottoni

As a follow-up to my previous post "A Good Electric Water Kettle "“ Just A Fantasy?", thought it was time to get down to business and put a few kettles through a some paces.  A "standardized test", if you will, fashioned by me.

As a refresh on my "methodology", full pots filled to maximum were heated and timed, starting off with both cold and already-warmed heating elements.  For the "warm" boil, I heated a full pot of cold water, emptied the kettle, then re-filled with cold water and turned it right back on.  To gauge yield, I used 10-oz coffee mugs, filled to about 8 oz.

Read on for the full review of the Bodum Ottoni.

Bodum Ottoni Water Kettle Review

Quick stats

– Max/Min capacity:  64 oz / None (!)

– Average boil times: 

Cold "“ 7:10 minutes; filled to max / 51 oz

Warm "“ 6:45 minutes; filled to max / 51 oz

– Yield:  7 + cups

– Cord management:  Cord wraps around the underside of the base.  The cord goes around the outer edge of the base so it winds quickly and easily.

What I liked

The Bodum brand is well known worldwide and tends to push the design envelope.  The Bodum Ottoni is not an exception and has some very neat features.  The Ottoni goes against the tall skinny form factor and is short and wide.  The handle looks like it would swivel but is actually fixed in the position pictured above, which is fine because it feels ergonomically correct and protects your hand from the hot surfaces and steam.  In addition to the polished stainless steel the kettle has nice accents like a mahogany wood handle, brass, and even a blue bead lid handle. 

  • Water heated in the Ottoni tasted good. 
  • The interior container for the water is all stainless steel, no plastic!  Not even the inner lid is plastic.  (There is a strainer that has plastic but it is removable)
  • The capacity is nice and allows for over 7 cups from one pot.
  • There is not a minimum fill requirement, perfect for making smaller pots.
  • The Pour spot is well designed and generous, pour as little or as much as you like.

What I didn't care for

Considering my main purpose was to find a good water kettle with no plastic or rubber interior parts, this is one of the few I have found.  Not a lot of negatives.

  • The Ottoni water kettle will not let you boil another round of water until the pot cools off.  It takes quite a while for the temperature sensor to register the cooled pot so making additional pots of water can be frustrating.

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  1. Cheshi March 3, 2010 at 8:33 pm -

    Great kettle. thanks for doing the legwork to find a kettle that doesn’t use plastic or rubber throughout.

  2. tammy August 28, 2011 at 9:23 am -

    HEllo, I NEED to by one of these for my best friend who broke one, Please help me find it, she would be So Happy! Thank you!

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