Travel Alarm Clock With Voice Control By Moshi – It Really Talks

Posted on Mar 8 2010 - 5:07pm by V Ramos


Moshi or Moshi-Moshi means "Hello" in Japanese. It is also used to get someone's attention like "Psssst!", "Hey", "Hey You", etc. Well, the Moshi Voice Control Travel Alarm Clock sure got my attention. I am not much of a wake-up-when-the-alarm-goes-off kind of person, but if I have to be woken up by an alarm clock, it would probably be by this one. It is simple to use with quick setup and it REALLY talks with a very soothing, female voice (not sure if they have one with gruff-sounding male voice).  With its small size, it makes an excellent travelling companion "“ just throw it in your overnight bag and take it anywhere you go.

The Moshi  Voice-Activated Alarm Clock  follows simple voice commands like TIME, SET TIME, ALARM, SET ALARM and more. It even tells you the TEMPERATURE.  Just make sure you speak into the microphone clearly –  if you don't, the lady inside the alarm clock can be a little sassy and will give you a litany of acceptable commands. 

Another neat thing is that the actual alarm sound is not your typical heart-attack-inducing BLARING sound. It starts up low and it gradually gets louder until you hit that snooze/off button. I'd say it's a very considerate alarm clock. And you have three different alarm sounds to choose from.

So if you don't want to be woken by something close to having water splashed into your face, dogs barking, cats-in-heat, fire alarm, or your stepmother's knuckles being rubbed against your head "“ try the Moshi Voice-Activated Alarm Clock.

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