Lawn Mower Scooter

Posted on Mar 19 2010 - 8:55am by Russ

Lawn Mower Scooter

Lawn mowers continue to get my attention, must be nostalgia from the good old days.  I actually used to love mowing the lawn.  Sadly, now mowing the lawn has become more of a chore.  I guess all of the lawn mower posts have been an effort to get back the fun of lawn mowing.

The Lawn Mower Scooter certainly takes a stab at making lawn mowing fun again.  The scooter is designed by Vicky Petihovski and runs on an electric motor for both the wheels and the blades.  The grass cuttings are stored in the large compartment which has a clear window to tell when it is full.

Not sure where the batteries and motor fit in to this small form factor.  I guess that is why it is still in concept only stage.

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