Retractable MotionLites For Lighting Your Rims

Posted on Apr 7 2010 - 10:35am by Russ

Retractable MotionLites Rim Lights

Let me start off by saying, “why why why”.  We have all seen the evolution of silliness when it comes to aftermarket car gadgets.  Let’s see if I can remember a few of my favorites, the huge rims on cars, rainbow window tinting, spinner rims, neon lighting kits, car and truck balls, etc.

Well this latest car accessory, named MotionLites, is basically a retractable telescoping light set, one for each glorious rim.  You push a button and whala your douche bag status goes up 2 points.  Want an extra point?  Push another button and you get to choose from seven different colors and a strobe light setting.

See some of my favorite pictures of lame car trends after the break as well a video of the MotionLites in action.

Huge car rims neon car kit spinner rims car truck balls colored window tint


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  1. tim April 8, 2010 at 9:11 am -

    Sweet, it’s just what I needed for my Datsun 510. Watch out ladies here I come

  2. DJmtlhd March 18, 2017 at 6:51 pm -

    Damn, I know I’m a few years late, but just came across this page and I gotta say LMAO!!!
    “Dbag status”!!! Epic!!!

    Thanks for that laugh, I almost spit muh teeth out! LOL

    And Tim’s Dartgun…errr….Datsun 510 comment had me rollin’!
    My late pop’s had one, it blew up trying to climb a hilly road one rainy night when I was 6, it was such a total POS! lol

    BTW, How many points did the dbags with that lifted green Chevy Impalas get?
    That shit looks so fkn DUMB, besides being a cop magnet!

    And those checkered wheels on that purple monster look so stupid!
    They deserve a ticket for road pollution/dumbest wheels!

    I’ve personally owned a few (all used) 3rd gen Impalas, 66 w/.396, 67-SS w/.427, 69/.327 and 2, 70 Impalas .327 and .350, the 69 .327 boat was my eldest sisters daily beater before it was handed down (for $250) and was my very first car and later my 1st resto project (traded that for the 66), it was a Cali car, it had AC, but No Heat (I added heat during the resto, wasn’t expensive, but was a lot of work!) Exterior was in the Deep Burgundy w/Black rag top and leather int., it sucked in the NYC winters and probably got about 5 blocks to a gallon of gas!
    I would have NEVER done anything stupid/ugly to ANY of mine!)

    After I got rid of my last Impala I went on a Monte Carlo kick, owned many of those from a chocolate 70 to a black 88, wont ever bother with another one though.

    Friend of mine has an absolutely mint and gorgeous white/red ’63 convert. with the .409-6.7l, 425-bhp in it, total beast, Took him nearly 12 years of weekends to frame off resto it back to OEM specs with all OEM parts.

    Been calling shit like in those photos you put up the “Dbag factor” for decades, I started using that term way back in the 70’s when all the “Dbags” in my area all started getting weirder and more elaborate colors and stripes done on their muscle cars, motorbikes and ricers!

    Guess they all thought that that shit looked so good, I always just thought it either uglied ’em up or totally gayed out the vehicles.

    There were dozens of dbag encouraging magazines back when I was a kid in the 70’s that all had photos of ‘roded out and overdone cars, trucks, motorcycles and vans, back in the days when it was still “cool” to hook up a van, ya know, before they were known as “Run away from it!, It’s probably some sick pedophile’s victim-pickup wagon!” lol,

    Anyway, there was always this one butt ugly van that was constantly being rehashed in many of them for a number of years with always the same few photos, it was a way overdone in yellow/orange/brown/blue/green/purple stripes with tons of orange and yellow shag carpeting and loads of wood on the doors, ceiling and dash. I think it was a Chevy with a ton of mods, the multi size, multi colored striping and a huge wing on it’s roof, and had a totally custom fabricated front end with a billet style grille that was way too big, it just looked so fkn ‘tarded and always made me think “who the eff drives, or even admits to owning that ugly hunk of cheese?”, “It’s gotta be some total douchebag, greaseball, or some Saturday morning cartoon bear or dog?”

    Even the OG custom king Barris would have thrown up had he seen it!

    Just thought I’d share some auto memories n info

    Wheels Up!

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