Rearview Helmet by Reevu

Posted on May 11 2010 - 7:21am by Russ

Reevu Rearview helmet

There are already helmets that have rear facing cameras and internal LCDs to help a motorcycle ridReevu Rearview technologyer see what is behind them, that isn't what is cool about the Reevu helmets.  Reevu has used some tricky optics and mirrors to show motorcycle riders what is happening behind them.  No batteries, no wires, no cameras, no screens.

"Put simply, this system effectively "˜bends' the light around the shape of the head "“ all within the moulding of the helmet "“ to provide a clear view of the road behind.

Early prototypes were met with absolute astonishment. It is so stunningly apparent from the first moment a Reevu helmet is worn that it will really make a huge difference to the safety of the wearer on our roads."

The Reevu rearview helmets cost about $375 and are available for pre-order here.

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