Scosche flipSYNC Keychain

Posted on Jul 30 2010 - 5:36am by V Ramos

scosche flipsync keychain

At first glance, this gadget is very unassuming.  It looks like your standard keychain, or even a car  keyfob remote.  Nothing to it, right?  Well,guess again my friend.  The Scosche flipSYNC Keychain packs a 1-2 "wowness" inside.  1) pull one end of the keychain and you get a USB 2.0 connector, and 2)  pull the opposite end and you get a connector for your iPhone or iPod.  And TA-DA!…it's an instant USB 2.0 charge/sync cable!  No need to add water.  Just attach your car and/or house keys to it and you'll never be without your iPod/iPhone cable again "“ SYNC and CHARGE on-the-go!  No more bulky cables "“ the flipSYNC is so small and convenient to use "“ it's perfect for travelling!

Another winning gadget from SCOSCHE that really delivers in both style and substance. They definitely think outside to box and I'm quickly becoming a fan.  Sooner than later, I'll have all their products to accessorize my beloved iPhone.  SCOSCHE flipSYNC "“ don't leave home without it!

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