$80,000 Electric Bike

Posted on Aug 9 2010 - 7:35am by gchoe

BlackTrail BT-01

The BlackTrail BT-01 e-bike is basically a bike with a battery, an electric motor, and a huge price tag.  $80,000 to be exact.  The bike is built by a German company called PG-Bikes.

The BlackTrail BT-01 is made of carbon fiber, has a 1.2-kW electric motor, and can go over 100 miles on a full charge with a top speed of 62-mph.  As much as I like the idea, I can't get any where near the $80,000 price tag, in fact I wouldn't buy it at $8,000.

If the price tag doesn't scare you, 667 of them are available now.



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