EFO Credit Card Sized Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Posted on Aug 13 2010 - 7:59am by Lisa C.

EFO Credit Card Bluetooth Keyboard

Whether you have a home theatre PC (HTPC), an iPad, or iPhone and want a very small wireless keyboard, not many are as small as the EFO Mini Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard.  For sale here for somewhere between $32 and $40.

  • Easy To Use
  • With Full Function Keys (F1 to F12), Tab and Cltr+Alt+Del keys
  • Multi-Media Key (Play, Pause, Next, Previous, Mute, Volume Up, Volume Down)
  • Tailor-made for handheld device, backlit buttons
  • Bluetooth, for iPad and iPhone (Successfully tested on iPad and iPhone 4)
  • Mini and Portable

EFO Mini Keyboard EFO Credit Card Sized Keyboard

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