Switch Modular Pocket Knife

Posted on Aug 19 2010 - 8:28am by Craig

Switch Modular Pocket Knife

The Switch Modular Pocket Knife (made by Quirky) is similar to a Swiss Army Knife in that you can have just about any tool you want stuffed in to your pocket.  The major difference is that you can pick and choose which tools you will be carrying on any given day.  The Switch Modular Pocket Knife allows you to mix-an-match your tool choices as the knife has two exterior body covers, two slotted caps, and three different size interior axles that can hold from two to thirteen tools.  Tool choices include a bottle opener, a saw, several knife choices, a flashlight, screwdrivers, a 1GB USB memory stick, etc,

Switch Knife Quirky Switch Modular Knife Switch Modular Knife

Yours for $79 here.

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