Socket Sense… It Just Makes Sense

Posted on Aug 25 2010 - 10:00am by Russ

Socket Sense

When I first got my hands on the Socket Sense Surge Strip I wondered why a surge strip was even worth writing about.  Another surge protector, right?  Well the first thing I did, after whining about having to review a surge strip was to evaluate my current surge protector situation.

I had two surge strips strung together under my desk because of two large power adapters that blocked unused outlets.  Annoying.  Well I unplugged everything from both surge strips and as luck would have it they all fit on the Socket Sense Surge Protector.

The Socket Sense Surge Strip can expand or contract with movable sockets allowing you to make room for the bigger power adapters.  In addition, the sockets are positioned at 90 degree angle which helps as well.  After playing with the Surge Sense surge protector I was sold.  It just works!  Video after the break.

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