Best USB Call Recorder?

Posted on Aug 26 2010 - 8:21am by Craig

USB Blast Pro+ USB Call REcorder

There are several different types of phone recording systems available.  Some are USB call recorders, some rely on tape recorders to do the phone conversation recording, etc, Many have far to many cables and intricacies to use daily.  One of the best phone loggers we have found is the USB Blast Pro+ which records directly to your computer.  This type of phone recording system allows you to easily sort, find, and email your recordings all without managing tapes or batteries.

This USB call recorder goes in between the handset and the phone and then to the USB port on your computer.  The USB Blast Pro+ also has the ability to record the room you are in with a built in microphone, genius.  The unit only has four buttons; a skip/search button, a play/stop button, a record phone button, and a record room button.  This phone recording equipment is only $119 and includes the software as well.


Search, sort & email recordings "” add comments and bookmarks, too! You can instantly replay any conversation, or search for a recording any time in the future "” by date or by topic. (The software time/date stamps each recording.) Archive your recordings on CD! Drop the audio files onto your website, or share them via email. Those who don’t have PC speakers can listen via a headset or telephone handset.

No tapes or batteries "” enjoy having no maintenance worries whatsoever! USBBLAST PRO+ uses your computer as its power source. If you’ve got USBBLAST PRO+ plugged into your phone (through the handset cable) and into your PC’s USB port, you’re all set to record any time. You can even set the USBBLAST PRO+ to record automatically as soon as it detects audio.

2-Minute setup "” install it yourself easily! The software leads you through a very simple and intuitive procedure.

Instant playback over the phone to the second party "” Both parties can listen to what was just recorded, without needing to stop the discussion on the phone!

Clear sound with no static "” plugs right into your USB port, so it can’t pick up any hardware or sound card noises or static.

Free software upgrades via web "” rest assured you will never have to purchase anything else to keep your USBBLAST PRO+ up to date.

Record from a corded phone or room "” just hit the “Rec Phone” or “Rec Room” button, or use the software to set USBBLAST PRO+ for automatic recording.

Leave the room during conference calls "” just have USBBLAST PRO+ record the conference, and you can listen later to anything you missed.

Monitor calls in “real time” "” listen in, with a 2-second delay for a supervisor to listen on, a call being recorded on another phone. Each phone needs to have its own USBBLAST PRO+ connected to use this feature of the software.

2.5 mm headset jack "” Plug any 2.5 mm headset into the USBBLAST PRO+

Works with all phone systems and corded phones "” Record any corded phone or room conversation to your PC regardless of your phone or phone system.

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