AR-15 CountDown Magazine

Posted on Sep 3 2010 - 5:40am by Russ

AR-15 CountDown Mag AR-15 Count Down Mag

I have "California Guilt" for even writing about this.  Cal Guilt is similar to "whitey guilt" but even worse.  California guilt is a sad disease, we Californians feel guilty for breathing, owning a gun, not using our blinker, not eating organic veggies, etc,

Now that I have vented about my Cali guilt, on with this cool product.  I realize that I will be missing the masses with this one, but I own know someone who has an AR-15 rifle and loves it more than you can imagine.  I will save the details of the AR-15 love for another time. 

This AR-15 CoundDown magazine is sweet though, it has a small window that shows how many rounds are left in your rifle and is even color coded.  When you get to red you are in need of another clip.  I love it.  Too bad I can't order it in California!  For the only 3 remaining readers that qualify and live in a friendly state check the CountDown Mag out here.  Video after the break.

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