EZ Grill Pre-Portioned Charcoal Bags

Posted on Sep 15 2010 - 9:03am by Russ

EZ Grill Preportioned Charcoal

Barbequing just keeps getting easier.  You have most likely seen the EZ Grill Portable Disposable Barbeque Grills, well this new product is from the same EZ Grill guys.

These charcoal bags are basically made to be thrown in to the bottom of the grill and lit.  No additional fuels, or measuring, just the bag and a match.

Why are these bags so different?

1) They contain 100% natural charcoal dipped in mineral oil.
2) They contain individual pre-portioned pouches that can be placed anywhere in the grill "“ with no mess.
3) Light them with one match with no additional fuel needed. That means no more piling up the charcoal, no more spraying lighter fluid and no more spreading out the coals "“ and that means no more mess.
4) No fillers "“ just the mineral oil to light things up.
5) Easy to use "“ with no mess.
6) Great charbroiled flavor.
7) Did we mention no mess?
8) Use as many or as few pouches as you need. That means less waste.

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  1. Ron Ablang September 16, 2010 at 5:02 am -

    The 1st link sent me to a similar product called the EZ Grill 2531 Portable Disposable Barbeque, Party Size.

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