Mark Boyle The Moneyless Man – Could You Live For One Year With No Money?

Posted on Oct 19 2010 - 2:45am by Robby S.

Moneyless Man Mark Boyle 

This story isn't fully gadget related, but Mark Boyle does rely on a few crafty gadgets to survive.  For example, the handmade stove above which is made from large olive cans.  He also used solar panels to charge his laptop.  Long story short Mark Boyle decided to live without money for one year.  Mark lives in rural England in a trailer he got for free.  He gets food by foraging for wild berries, growing vegetables, and occasionally jumping in a dumpster for the good stuff like bread or margarine.

Mark started living as they Moneyless Man in 2008 after watching the movie Gandhi (and a few other inspirations).  I hope he doesn't watch Jackass 3D!  At the end of the year he published a book about his experiences, Moneyless Man: A Year of Freeconomic Living.  He continues to live the moneyless lifestyle (over 2 years), minus the fact that he plans to use the book money to buy land to live on.  Read a full interview at the VIA link below.


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