Replace The Glass Back Of The iPhone 4 With Metal

Posted on Oct 19 2010 - 7:52am by Robby S.

iPhone 4 metal back

The iPhone 4 is a good looking device, but it has glass on both sides, seriously?  Not sure if Steve Jobs really likes glass or hopes for the break/upgrade program.  Either way, until recently, your only option to toughen up your phone was to strap on a case or bumper. 

Enter the new iPhone 4 metal back plate which replaces the glass iPhone 4 backing.  The metal backing even has the Apple logo and standard text.  Simply spend about $13, remove a couple of screws, and tada you have a unique iPhone 4 without a case.

It is no secret that Steve Jobs is not a fan of covering his beautiful Apple products with cases and the like, so I am not sure how long this (most likely not authorized product) will last before his legal team is all over it.

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