iMainGo 2 Ultra Portable Stereo Protective Case For Your Music Player

Posted on Oct 25 2010 - 12:39pm by V Ramos

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When listening to my tunes, I almost always wear my trusted headphones or earbuds. This is to keep my music to myself and most importantly to avoid getting harassed by friends and co-workers every time I'm in the mood for Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits (yes, I am a closeted FAN-ilow!).

The other day I forgot to grab my headphones on my way to work. CRAP! I need my tunes to get through the day "“ I get more things done with music, you see.  My boss, seeing I was in a frenzy to find any earphones to plug into my iPhone, handed me this clam-case-like thing and said, "Give your eardrums a rest today and try this.". I looked at it with an arched brow and hesitantly took it from him. I plugged in my iPhone and pressed play.  Read on for the full iMainGo 2 review.

iMainGo 2 Portable Music Player

It was the iMainGo 2 ultra-portable speaker system. It's made to look like a mini Neoprene carry case with 2 built in stereo speakers on one side and an MP3 compartment on the other. You plug in your MP3 player using the built-in headphone jack inside the case (you can use Zune, all iPhones, Blackberry, all iPods "“ except Shuffle, and others). Slide your MP3 player in the open compartment, secure it with the included cover plate and foam (you may not need the foam if you have a big enough MP3 player). Pull over the Velcro strap and it's party time! The MP3 side of the case has a clear thin, sensitive window where you can access the controls on your MP3 player effortlessly. The case itself is very sturdy and provides excellent protection for any MP3 device you have "“ in this case my beloved iPhone.

I'm very skeptical when it comes to portable speakers but I must say, I was surprised by the clear sound that came out of this tiny thing. Granted, it's not the go-to-speakers when throwing a block party but it works perfectly in small areas like your office, bedroom – even your car! You can also use it as external speakers for your cell phone, laptop, portable gaming system, etc. Have problems waking up on time? The iMainGo 2  also works as an alarm so you can wake up and start the morning with your favorite tunes (only works with alarm-enabled MP3s).

So if you gotta have your tunes anywhere and everywhere, and you're ready to share your love for "Copacabana"  "“ grab an iMainGo 2.

iMainGo 2 stereo case

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