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Posted on Nov 11 2010 - 1:07pm by Russ

True Utility Tools

I love a good tool or gadget that helps in a pinch and is small enough to fit on my keychain.  After all, if the tool isn't small enough to carry in my pocket, it simply won't get carried or used.  I can't count the times I have been stuck without a pen, a bottle opener, a corkscrew, etc, you get the idea.  Apparently the folks at True Utility feel the same way, and have created some of the best (super small) pocket tools available.  Read on for a mini review of some of my favorite mini tools.

True Utility TelePen

 The True Utility TelePen ($5.99)

Such a simple yet genius idea.  I have been pen-less at the ATM with checks to endorse so many times that I have found a new best friend.  Not only does the TelePen come with a total of four ink cartridges (one in the pen and three refills) it extends from very tiny to just over 4.5-inches.  It feels like a normal pen when fully extended.

I will carry my TelePen with me everywhere I go.





True Utility CashStash

The True Utility CashStash ($7.99)

Another of my favorites, because I have often run out of cash at inopportune times. The CashStash is a dark chrome plated aircraft grade aluminum capsule with a neoprene O-ring that keeps your money (or drugs, just kidding, who would do such a thing) dry through any adventure.

The CashStash is a perfect  gift, especially if you pre-fill it with a $100 dollar bill.





True Utility TwistStickThe True Utility TwistStick ($8.04)

I have had the TwistStick sitting on my desk for the last few days and everyone stops in mid sentence, and says "what the hell is that".  Quite the conversation piece as it is both elegant and super functional.  It actually works.

You simply remove the corkscrew helix and slide it on to the stainless steel bar and you have a very solid functional wine opener.






The True Utility KeyTool ($7.99)True Utility KeyTool

The best part about this 422 grade stainless steel pocket tool is that it almost takes up zero space on your key ring.  The KeyTool wraps around a standard house key and is packed with 8 awesome tools.  The tools included on this little guy are a bottle opener, two screwdrivers, a file, tweezers, a knife, a nail pick, an eyeglass screwdriver, and even a tiny carabiner.



Some extra videos to keep you unproductive at work,

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  1. Ode November 12, 2010 at 1:27 pm -

    Is that a utility in your pocket … or …? LOL. Neat tool.

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