Step Up This Christmas Get Your Kids A John Deere Gator HPX

Posted on Nov 19 2010 - 11:18am by Russ

John Deere Gator HPX

My therapist said I should stop venting about my sheltered childhood on the gadgetking blog, so I won't go in to the details of the toys I never had.  But bet your bottom dollar if I had kids (don't want them they cost too much money) they would be cruising around the backyard in a John Deere Gator HPX.  Look at those photoshopped smiles.  Those are some happy kids.  Money can buy happiness, in this case it will only cost you about $440.

The All New 12 Volt 2008, John Deere Gator HPX comes with SmartPedal controlled STOP provides a realistic driving experience: Reduces jerky start-ups and stops. Increases riding time by 27% and extends product life.

Product Description

With this John Deere Gator HPX, two little workers can haul loads on grass, dirt or hard surfaces with a dumping cargo bed and working tailgate. Moves at 2 or 5 MPH in forward gear or 2 MPH in reverse. 3-position variable accelerator offers a smooth ride and increased riding time. Adult-activated high speed lockout, big 12 wheels, adjustable seat and cup holders. Runs on a rechargeable 12V battery; charger included. Easy assembly; recommended for ages 3-7; total weight limit 130 lbs. U.S.A. Speed (MPH): 2 or 5, Engine Type: Gearbox and motor, Volts: 12, Battery: 12V sealed maintenance-free, Weight Capacity (lbs.): 77, Wheel Diameter (in.): 12, Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 47 x 24 x 36, Color: Green, yellow and black

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