Turbospoke Bicycle Exhaust System

Posted on Nov 19 2010 - 9:29am by Robby S.

Turbospoke bike exhaust kit

I feel like every kid, at one time or another, put playing cards in the spokes of their bikes to make the motorcycle sound.  Or maybe that was just my neighborhood?!  But this product "“ the Turbospoke "“ makes me think that it must have been a bigger phenomenon as I originally expected.

The Turbospoke takes the old card in the spoke trick to a new level by adding a chrome acoustic chamber and an exhaust cylinder.  The kit takes about 5 minutes to install and will make you a hero to your kid as they drive around in their new chopper.  The Turbospoke bike exhaust kit is being offered for less than then $15 with free shipping.  Your kids need this!

  • Makes your bike look and sound like a motorbike
  • Includes exhaust, clamp, 3 motorcards, stickers and tool kit
  • Easy to assemble
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