Best Shaving Gear For the Bald Guy In Your Life

Posted on Nov 23 2010 - 6:01am by Russ

Bald Guy Shave

As an uglier version of the guy above, I have tried just about everything in the shaving arena to get the perfect shave.  With that said, I am far from "metro" and don't have much else in my daily routine than toothpaste, a Dove bar of soap, and deodorant.

I started losing my hair when I was in my early 20's and was bummed, I wore a hat most days.  But once I came to terms with the fact that I was going bald I started shaving my head every 3 days or so, like Kojack.  One of the best decisions I have made as I never wanted to be the comb over guy.

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So over many years I have found the best combination of shaving cream and razor that money can buy.  The best part, it isn't that expensive.

At this point, if you know any of the guys above, be a friend and let them know to shave it off, or get them very drunk and do it for them while they are passed out.  Kidding on the last part of course.

Most bald guys I know, myself included, shave in the shower, so get a good fogless mirror like the ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror shown below.  The shower makes it much easier to soften up the hair follicles with  warm water before shaving.

ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror

Next and most importantly is a good shaving cream.  I have tried them all from jells, to creams, to foams, etc, The best shaving cream around happens to have one of the most embarrassing names, I recommend peeling the label off on day one.  The Kiss My Face Moisture Shave is simply amazing.  The Kiss My Face shaving cream is a departure from what you are typically used to shaving with.  It sorta foams up, but not really, and covers your face/head in a slimy lotion that lasts for the entire shave and protects your skin.

You can get the Kiss my face in the following styles below, I prefer the fragrance free.  All of the images below are linked to the product for more details, again avoid the foofy fragrances.

Kiss My Face Moisture Shave Kiss My Face Moisture Shave Cool Mint Kiss My Face Lavender and Shea Moisture Shave Kiss My Face Vanilla Earth Kiss My Face Patchouli Moisture Shave

On to the final step, at least for me, I don't use aftershaves, don't really need to if you use good shaving cream and a good blade.  I have been using Gillette razors for a while, and it has been a bit frustrating because of the constant changes and new models coming out every few months.  At least Gillette finally started standardizing on the cartridge connector so you don't always have to update your handle.  Every time Gillette comes out with a new razor I am skeptical that it is better than the last model, but every time they actually do improve on the older model.  Amazing.  On to Gillette’s latest and best shaver to date the Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor.

Gillette Fusion Proglide

Give it a shot and let me know your thoughts,

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  1. Bob November 23, 2010 at 1:21 pm -

    I lean towards the Rolling Razor line. The shaving oil is, remarkably, not greasy but softens hair better than cream alone (but it’s a little pricey). Their shaving cream is my favorite and the cost is comparable to others. My favorite thing is the dual-cartridge system. I get ingrown hairs on my neck, and they have 5 different types of blades to match skin/hair types. I use their Bump Eliminator (Severe Bump) on my face and neck, but I can use their Regular blade (it used to be called ‘Extreme’) on my scalp with the grain with no irritation.

    I had been a Gillette disciple for years, and maybe it’s the texture of my new grey hairs that makes the difference, or it could be that my skin has changed enough, but I think over the past 5-6 years the Fusion has changed too. The combination of factors made me look around quite a bit for shaving lines, and I was ready to give either a straight razor or a classic single blade and give up on cartridges and their convenience all together. Maybe the new Proglide is great, but it took me a long time to get this combo down. Yet you’ve given me something to think about with the skin so soft cream…

  2. Bob November 23, 2010 at 1:23 pm -

    *Kiss My Face (not skin so soft)

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