Easy2Pick Luggage Locator

Posted on Mar 10 2011 - 8:35am by Russ

Easy2Pick Luggage Finder

We have all been in the post-flight cattle drive to the baggage carousel looking at every black bag that goes by wondering, is that my bag?  Sure you could tie a colored ribbon on the handle and that might work, but it isn't really much of a gadget is it?

The Easy2Pick system has a luggage tag with a built-in wireless transmitter and a

keychain.  When your luggage is within 66 feet of you the keychain will flash, beep, and vibrate.  With that 66 foot range you will know your bag is headed your way before it even hits the carousel.

The Easy2Pick also has unique ID codes so that your keychain won't false alert, a 100-hour battery life (longer actually because it knows when it is in the cargo hold and turns off), and a fair price of $25.

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