Name That Gadget

Posted on Mar 22 2011 - 3:04am by Robby S.


Ahhh, the things that get forwarded to you when you are the Gadget King. In this addition of the "name that gadget", you must name the gadget above. Some spoilers, It is not a neck harness for a hamster or a sling-shot. Also, although this is for sale at Amazon, it may be NSFW.

So what do You think this is? An elaborate wrist rocket? An improved mouse trap? A weasel launcher? Some kind of a harness? Would you believe it's the MaXtender Male Enhancement Penis Enlargement Extender! A"friend" of mine who likes to browse the interwebs for various "products" came across this one. First I thought this was a BS product, but there it was on Amazon with 11 freaking reviews, looking about as legit as anything else there, Seriously though "“ ELEVEN REVIEWS "“ that's at least ELEVEN people who strapped on this contraption and actually wrote about its performance. Getting into entirely too much details, using technical jargon like silicon tubes, cylindrical foam pads, and technical terms like "pumpers"! There are warnings and detailed tips on adjusting, lubricating and otherwise making sure the tension rods of the MaXtender don't shoot your junk across the room. So if you feel like nature handed you a "Grower" and not a "Shower", for $48.95 plus shipping and handling, in less than a year you can change your name to Moby Dick and be WINNING!

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  1. J kramer March 22, 2011 at 3:21 pm -

    Wow. How the he’ll did they get anyone to actually post a review?

  2. Gadget King March 23, 2011 at 8:39 am -

    It is an expendable golf ball retriever.

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