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Posted on Mar 23 2011 - 9:00am by Lew

SuperFocus Glasses

I'm always eager for new technology and inventions that improve my life.  So when I discovered "TruFocals", now identified as "SuperFocus" which are the newest concept in eyeglasses I had to get a pair.

Reading about them is not the same as using them.  It was difficult to break old habits like looking over the upper rim of my reading glasses to see things in the distance.  I did

this repeatedly for the first 24 to 48 hours with the SuperFocus glasses.  Finally, I began to regularly remember to reach up to move the slider to refocus instead.  But here again I ran into trouble, because I wanted to put my thumb on the bottom of the glasses rim while placing my index finger on the slider on top of the bridge.  This was awkward and tended to move the glasses around.  It was not natural for me to put my thumb on the bottom of the bridge.  Once I figured this out and adapted to thumb on bottom of bridge and index finger on top on slider was the way to go, things got better.Superfocus Adjustable Glasses

I've been using SuperFocus for about two weeks now and the automatic refocus reflex has started to be a natural part of my routine in looking around.  It's great to have anything I want to see in perfect focus.  However, in some situations refocusing can be difficult to impossible; when doing tasks where both hands are dedicated to holding moving things or when both hands are smeared with something like dirt in the garden or bread mix, etc.  In these cases I have to anticipate and set a "compromise" focus distance that will serve me till my "refocus finger" is once again available.  I'm not good yet at anticipating this circumstance every time.

These glasses have really changed my life for watching TV at "sort of long distance" and computer screen at "sort of short distance".  These distances were my nemesis and always drove me crazy because reading glasses didn't help and my far sighted eyes were just slightly out of focus for across-the-room.

My trivial, only negative is because of my rather large head.  These small diameter rims make me look like an elderly "Harry Potter".  And my friends always look at me a little strangely when they first see me in these.  I quickly explain why I'm making this new fashion statement and the crisis passes.  Anyway the improvements for me are worth the adaptations and change in my appearance!

The actual way the glasses work is a mystery to me even though I've looked closely AT the mechanism as I move the focus slider.  BUT. . .HEY. . .THEY WORK!Superfocus contents

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  1. Carlos November 5, 2011 at 4:26 pm -

    Okay….I can live with the puns from people calling me…..
    Hello Mr. Tojo…..Hey Ghandi, good work….Or….Oh are in trouble…big trouble! Professor Snape is looking for you…you are going to be nailed to the wall…literally…
    Okay, enough. Just one small itty bitty comment. Is the size of the lenses due to an engineering limitation, or did some bean counter set the size to keep costs down.
    If cost is the issue…screw it! I WANT BIGGER LENSES!!
    Will pay for it dammit. Its enough to have round glasses like Harry Potter….but to have them be itty bitty small. People…stop being so CHEAP! I WANT BIGGER LENSES!!

  2. Dan November 29, 2011 at 4:39 pm -

    Agree about the looks at least wish you could get a wider bridge.
    Having said that function over form rocks these glasses have changed
    My work I look at computer screens all day at different distances and these
    Super focus glasses have rid me of headaches and neck strain I
    Don’t care how they look they ROCK!

  3. MikeA May 17, 2012 at 5:54 pm -

    These glasses are nothing more than a cheap gimmick. Yeah, the theory is cool but their main problem isn’t that they’re so ugly and so expensive. The main problem is that you need your hand to focus. With a pair of progressives I can simply move my eye up, middle, or down and I’m instantly focused. With Superfocus I must move my hand to the bridge of my nose every time I change views – just think about it, how annoying would that be? Also, it’s obviously an analog focus controlled by a slider. Have you ever tried focusing a microscope, it starts blurry, then it’s clear and if you overshoot the focusing wheel it’s blurry again. Imagine driving at night, looking down at a blurry radio display, taking you hand off the wheel to tune the radio, then looking up at a blurry road in front of you, and again taking your hand off the wheel to refocus on the road (assuming that you can refocus before you hit the car, or unseen person, in front of you). The makers of this joke of a product can spin their marketing any way they like but for this product to have any value at all it would have to sense the distance of your focal point and autofocus. You can bet the super focus people are working on just that, but they want to sell the crap product they have (the not yet ready for prime time product) to any dupe that will buy it so they can make money while still developing the product. Anyone who buys these is going to get ripped off, and later will be very sorry when the autofocus version is released.

  4. gloria December 8, 2012 at 10:05 am -

    I have 3 pairs, it started leaking out oil after the 1 year warranty…. thats the reason why I have 3 pairs..The focusing really worked on me but I can’t afford to buy a pair every year….. the warranty should be lifetime..Now I am back to my progressive lenses..

  5. Julie Martinelli June 4, 2013 at 1:16 pm -

    I’m on my third pair in five months. My first two sprung leaks and had to be returned. Today, only a couple of weeks after getting my third pair, guess what … another leak!

    Mind you, I’m extremely careful with these glasses and use them only for reading and working on my computer. They never go out of the house. I feel physically ill that I spent nearly $1,000 for glasses that have a terrible design/manufacturing flaw. Buyer beware….

  6. Craig March 11, 2015 at 11:55 pm -

    Anybody want to sell me a pair with a leaky left side but a good right side?

  7. Jose Luis Borrero December 26, 2019 at 3:01 pm -

    How can one purchase these?
    I MEAN
    ..used or new?..

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