Rex Plus Electronic Barking Dog Sensor

Posted on Apr 13 2011 - 5:55am by Lisa C.


I recently bumped in to Rex while visiting my Aunt.  Upon walking up to her front door I heard, what sounded like a big dog, barking.  I was shocked, when did my Aunt get a dog?  Especially a dog with a bark this big?

Long story short, the dog wasn't real.  It was a Rex Plus ED-50 Barking Dog Alarm.  The

system is amazingly simple to operate, set the range and the volume.  Leave your house or office, and Rex does the rest.  I am not exactly sure how the motion detection works because it manages to sense people through walls, doors, and even glass (so it isn't infrared).  The range is up to 30-feet and the volume of the dog is pretty good as well. 

If I was a burglar I wouldn't bother breaking in to a house with a barking dog.  You can get yourself this maintenance free dog for under $80 here.

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