Bed Bug Patrol Spray

Posted on Jul 13 2011 - 7:36am by James

Bed Bug Patrol Spray

If the blown up picture of bed bugs, above, freaks you out as much as it freaks me out, read on for details on how to kill bed bugs.

Bed Bug Patrol

While the Bed Bug Detective is a cool idea, you still can't buy it anywhere, and besides it doesn't kill bed bugs, it just locates them.  Time for some Bed Bug Patrol Spray which is non toxic but still manages to kill and repel bed bugs within seconds of spraying.

Ok, so your home is a spotless and bug free zone.  What about hotels?  Yep, you can stay at a hotel and bring bed bugs home with you.  Yuck.  The Bed Bug Patrol Spray even comes in a TSA approved size perfect for traveling.

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